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The Hidden Eatery in Painushima Ishigaki Airport

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Yuna Parlor in Painushima Ishigaki Airport is like an out-of-the-way cafe. It is in a place that if you don’t know about it you might go pass it and it seems like a place that only airport attendants can enter, but it is happily open everyday.   

The shop master Yoko Gushiken is youngest daughter of the owner Yuna Shokudo in the old Ishigaki Airport. And when asked about the strange name she said with a cute smile bordering on blushing “My parents are boxing fans and ...” When the new airport was completed in March 2013, it brought an end to Yuuna Shokudo with a history of over 30 years and while keeping the flavor it was given the stylish appearance of “Yuna Parlor”.

The menu has staples like Okinawa soba and champuru like eateries in general. The dish that Yoko recommends is the “inamuruchi” which is an Okinawan pork soup made with miso that is had during celebrations. The sweet smell of the white miso in the homemade meal is effective on the tiredness of traveling. Another good point is the rice comes the popular souvenir “Shimabuta Gorogoro” (a paste made from pork and miso).
The sweetness of the dessert, purple yam pudding, is a perfect match for the strong ice coffee!
And it would not be eatery without a seasoning, and there a lot of local products so you “can feel the island’s natural power” through the line-up of local products.

There are longtime regulars from Yuna Shokudo who come to relax and drink tea, there are also airport workers in uniform ordering without a menu and you get a feel of the mellow everyday life on the island. The gift shops and food court are shining and the travelers treat themselves to the backyard of the terminal and it is the optimal place where the information of the travelers and the everyday life of the island intermingle.

 Yoko told us “In the language of flowers yuna (Okinawan for beach hibiscus) is for good memories on a trip.”  So for your last memory before you return to your everyday how about getting a backstage look and experiencing and strange sense of excitement. Escape from the crowd, and go inside.  

Yuna Parlor
Operating Hours: 8:00am-7:30pm
Fixed Closings: None
Address: New Ishigaki Airport Domestic Terminal 1F
 1960-104-1 Shiraho, Ishigaki-shi
TEL: 098-087-0462
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Okinawa Clip Photowriter Aya Asakura


1960-104-1 Shiraho, Ishigaki-shi