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You Don't Know The Course Until The Day Of! Yanbaru Adventure Rally

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

On March 1st and 2nd of this year, during a drizzle, “Okinawa Yanbara Adventure Rally in Higashi” was held in Higashi, Kunigami District, Okinawa.

On the first day, a challenge class over the a distance of 35km-40km with the seven events of trekking, trail running, mountain hiking, sea kayaking, orienteering, river trekking and team challenge was held.

On the sea day a four event friendship class with trekking, orienteering, team challenge and sea kayaking was held on a 10-15 km course.


With three people teams they have to get to the checkpoints in order while looking at the map that was given out.

The map with the order of the checkpoints is given out right before the start so no one where they are going beforehand! And since the only the location of the checkpoints are given each teams has to discussion how they are going to get there!

Each team gets a passport in addition to the map. The passport is used as proof of that they went to the checkpoint, where the staff signs and writes the time and hole punches the passport.

The start is “Tsutsuji in Eco Park” in Higashi and they go to the checkpoints in order and at each checkpoint there is a postbox where you have to drop in a proof card.

Once the participants reach the checkpoint they have a meeting on there next route.

After deciding a strategy, they return to the path and overcome the rocky mountainous path and go in there own way.

Running through the primeval forests of Yanbaru, paddling on the sea and getting cut by wind mountain biking. All the events are tough but the participants get a thrill and something out of the norm.

Rather than saying it is a competition, it is a way to have fun with all your heart in the middle of Okinawan wilderness. That is what this adventure rally that is full of smiles is about.

Even if the rally takes 6 hours, at the goal they have this smile.

There are people from all over Japan, like Tokyo, Osaka and Saitama, that come to the nature filled Okinawa for the first adventure rally. Teamwork is the key to the goal. It is an event that will bring out the adventurers spirits in children and adults.

Okinawa Yanbara Adventure Rally in Higashi
Date: Saturday, 1 March 2014 Challenge Class; Sunday, 2 March 2014 Friendship Class
*This event is complete.
Place: Higashi-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Office: Okinawa Yanbara Adventure Rally in Higashi Office
Planning Committee: NPO Higashi Village Sightseeing Promotion Organization/Nippon Travel Agency Co., LTD/Extremo
TEL: 03-5610-0638

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