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Blue Cave Where You Can Find Magical World

post : 2014.11.02 12:00

Blue shining water which opens up before you is so fantastic that you might feel as if you were in the world of fairy tale.
This is “Blue Cave” in Onna Village located in the central part of Okinawa Main Island.
Why is the cave shining so blue, so beautifully?

They say it is because the sun rays entering from the entrance of the underwater cavity reflect off the white limestone bottom and bouncing back up into the cave, which illuminates the blue of sea water.

The rock in the underwater cavern has hollows, which creates a high reflection of light. And on top of that, the sea water here is highly transparent.  This makes the grotto appear as if the bottom of the cave were creating a blue light!!

I see!  This dazzlingly beautiful blue comes from naturally formed terrain.♪

I have been to Cape Maeda, where you can see the “Blue Cave,” many times, but actually I have not seen the inside of the “Blue Cave,” which is famous as a sightseeing spot in Okinawa!

I was born in Okinawa and love the sea, but I have not even tried snorkeling let alone tried diving.

The cavern is under the cliff and there are so craggy rocks underwater, so it is dangerous for swimming alone.  I decided to ask “Island Club,” which gives a tour to the “Blue Cave,” for my experience of the tour by snorkeling this time!!!

I used their rental service for a wet suit, mask & snorkeling, a life jacket, fins, etc. and Island Club kindly taught me how to wear those gears.
Then we started for the “Blue Cave”!!!

I had been already impressed by the beauty of the water seen from Cape Maeda, but once I entered the water, I was even more thrilled by a high transparency of the sea.
This time I visited there at high tide, so we swam to the cave.  But at low tide you can walk as far as the inside of the cave!

First we swam toward the cave, walked on rugged Ryukyu lime stones, then arrived at the “Blue Cave.”
What a mystic blue water it is as if it were lit up from the bottom!!!!
As I enjoyed the excitement, I snorkeled into the water.

Look what I found down there!!!

Just in front of me spread a fantastic world where the water shining so deep and so blue with countless species of colorful tropical fish swimming!!!
I have seen the landscape many times in pictures but seeing it face to face makes a big difference, as hundred times as big.  I can never tell how thrilled I was facing the marvelous view. (lol)

Being deeply moved by the miraculous vista, I enjoyed the underwater world in the cave for a while and went up to the surface to enjoy the landscape inside the cave.  I really had a great time the Blue Cave so deep and so blue.♪

After coming out of the cave, you can swim and feed vibrant tropical fish swimming around the coral reefs in the crystal clear water.  (A snorkeling tour by Island Club offers you an opportunity of feeding tropical fish.♪)
In the presence of myriad tropical fish, I totally forgot it was my first snorkeling and was wrapped up feeding it. (lol)  It was one of the best time I have ever had!
It was a terrific time!
As you can rent an underwater camera, please take as many pictures of yourself swimming in the sea and playing with tropical fish as you like for your precious memory!

A changing room and a powder room in the pretty painted bus are available, so ladies feel comfortable to try the tour.
For making a fun memory at the Blue Cave, I would like to tell you safety precautions in the area!

You cannot “lightly” go to the Blue Cave and feeding points where a dozen of tropical fish can be found.  For example, feeding points are about 20m away from the shore.

If you get a cramp in your leg or get drowned by some trouble there, no one can rescue you.
You can enjoy the place individually but for people with no equipment and beginners, I would highly recommend that you join a tour.  It will be safe!!

Please never forget that nature has “dangers.”
Placing top priority on your safety, please enjoy marine leisure activities around the dazzling Cape Maeda.♪

This time I tried snorkeling but there are other courses such as diving and kayaking.

Cape Maeda, where you can enjoy the “Blue Cave,” is a very popular spot among divers.  As many people gather the place, I would recommend you visit there in early morning to savor the Blue Cave in a leisurely fashion.

Please come and see blue shining mystic water world!

Blue Cave

Address: 469-1, Maeda, Onna Village
TEL: 098-982-5339 (Cape Maeda Management Office)
Hours: 8:00 to 17:30 (November to March), 7:30~18:00 (April), 7:00~19:00 (May to October)

Island Club

Address: 590-1 Yamada, Onna Village
TEL: 098-963-0177 (7:00 to 22:00)

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