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Aromatic Soap Made from Natural Okinawan Ingredients

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Near the best “power spot” on Okinawa Island, Sefa Utaki, there is the shop Island Aroma Okinawa. In this shop there are aromatic soaps made using natural Okinawan ingredients, all of which are made by hand.

We talked to the owner and maker of the soap Yoshimi Sashiki.

Sashiski is from Saitama and she first encountered aromatherapy when she was in high school. At university she studied nutrition science and work at a major food maker but she had strong feeling about aromatherapy, so she change jobs to a producer and distributor of aromatic goods and got some experience.  While she went to her now husband’s hometown in Okinawa, she found out about the large amount of excellent ingredients for aromatics in Okinawa.

 In 2004, she when got married she relocated to Okinawa. The following year she set up a workshop and with the thought of using authentic Okinawa produced ingredients, she has continued to make aroma soaps.

So let’s start with UCCHIN.

 Ucchin is the way to say turmeric in the Okinawan dialect, and as an as ingredient is has a lot of curcumin and is used for cooking.
In Asia since long ago outside of being used in Chinese medicine and food, it was used as a folk remedy and natural colorant and shea butter, which is for wrinkle and dry skin, has been added.

Next is OCEAN

Ocean is a soap that is made using sea salt taken from Okinawan sea water, which is used as a natural bitter agent, is full of minerals. It is recommended for rough skin first and foremost. It gives a clean and refreshing wash and there are a lot of male repeat customers.   

There are many soaps made using this many natural ingredients.  

 This is shell ginger with deodorizing effects; mozuku that has slimy bubbles that is full of fucoidan; brown cane sugar that is full of minerals; there also ones like hibiscus and honey.

You might get confused by the variety but the ingredients of the soaps have different effects. And if you talk to Yoshimi about the special qualities of or worries about your skin, she will recommend a soap to match your needs.

So how about trying aroma soap made natural Okinawa ingredients that will both heal your body and mind?

Island Aroma Okinawa
Address: 42 Chinen Yoshitomi, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa
TEL & Fax: 098-948-3960
Operating Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm (Closed Sundays, Holidays)

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42 Chinen Yoshitomi, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa