Okinawa Tourism Information:TheClassicSouvenirsofHateruma,BrownCaneSugarandIllusiveAwamori

The Classic Souvenirs of Hateruma, Brown Cane Sugar and Illusive Awamori

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

If you were to ask what was “the” souvenirs of Hateruma Island it would brown cane sugar produced on Hateruma Island and the awamori “Awanami”.

Even among the brown cane sugar in the Yaeyama archipelago, sugar from Hateruma is popular. In its simple and unadulterated sweetness there is slightly bitter aftertaste that makes it superb. If you get your hand on it you cannot stop. Using it with ochzuke (rice with tea and broth poured in it) is obvious, if you add it to what you are cooking it becomes rich but not overly so, it goes well with coffee as well.  

The secret to good taste is they focus on the manufacturing process. The temperature, time and foaming tool are watched by experienced human eye so much labor is put into it which is why they can make such a high quality brown cane sugar.    

Among awamori the illusive Awanami is know for be hard to get. It has a subtle salty component due to being made from the ground water of Hateruma Island. It is 30% but it doesn’t have a bite and it has a bit of sweetness while still being clean; it is very easy to drink and has a taste that women like.

Awanami is manufactured in Hateruma Distillery in the middle of the island. It is manual labor where the family is the core and they change with the climate and the time period. They put things like izayaka and events like Buddhist commercial on the island and the stock outside of Okinawa is low so outside of Okinawa is can go for 10 times the price.  

Inside the hamlet it is comparatively easy to get the 100ml mini-bottles in shops but the 600ml is very irregular and even if they get stock it is a very limited amount so it sells out quickly.

They have in izakaya in the hamlet so I recommend enjoy it in the island atmosphere during a trip.

Both the sugar and the awamori are sold in shops in the hamlet and Hateruma Port.

Brown cane sugar that has gotten plenty of blessings from coral earth and the sun and the illusive awamori from the southernmost inhabited island in Japan; if you take it home with you as a souvenir, it could be a conversation starter.

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Sandy