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Fun as a Family! Watch Ladies Pro Golf Tournament

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

The Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament is the opening tournament of the Ladies Professional Golf Association and is held in Nanjo, Okinawa.


The tournament is popular among local golf fans for being easily being accessible to support golfers, which there are a lot from Okinawa. Okinawa is spring-like, so they come to see the women pro-golfers.


 Pro golf has the image of being a bit highfalutin but at the gallery plaza in the venue there are stands offer light food and lines of local vegetables and special items giving it the feeling of a festival.

 There is also a drawing where you can win an air purifier.

There us a trampoline and drawing corner set up for families with small children there is also lesson from teaching pros and golf experience classes for elementary and middle school students. The event are very fulfilling.

For the golfers the opening tournament is important for influence on how this season can go and with looks from the gallery and pressure, they play with all their heart.

The golfer who got a lot of attention during this tournament was Mamiko Higa. After going pro last year, she had two wins and is a start before becoming 21. Higa at the 18th hole.

She played with all of her heart, and had finished in a tie for second place.  


Something else that was impressive was volunteer staff that was behind the tournament.

There 500 people who participated, mainly locals for Nanjo, and they did many different things such as guidance and cleaning. To support these activities, the sponsor of the event donates the Orchid Bounty which goes to support arts, sports and education in Okinawa. One of the major purposes of the tournament is for contribution to the local area.


 The tournament ended without incident and the mascot character of a Nanjo, Nanji gave a happy send off.

You get a valuable opportunity to see pro golfer at the forefront of the game up close while enjoying the uplifting event with family. So how about going to see a golf tournament and enjoying it as a family?


Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament

Venue: Ryukyu Golf Club


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