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Series/ Island Blessing, Island Taste Part 4 "Carrot"

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Tsuken Island is located 30 minutes away from Heshikiya Wharf in Uruma City by ship. There are carrot fields all over the island which is why it is called “Carrot Island”.   

The harvest takes place between the middle of February until May and it done by the people of the island. There are also preschoolers and elementary school students who take boats to come harvest carrots for a farming experience. 

We visited carrot field of Agricultural Corporation Houga LCC. It is surrounded by the sea and they focus on making soil and make Tsuken carrots that are pesticide free and not grown without synthetic fertilizers.   
The special qualities of the carrots are they all full of minerals, have high sugar content, and are soft and juicy. You can of have them raw, and you can cut them into thin strips and this way of cutting is called shirishiri in Okinawa. It is common to stir fry them with pork and top with sea grapes.
In order to dig them out the people pulling the carrots soften the earth and to not hurt the carrots after taking them out the ground the people work efficiently with the people who the people who take off the leaves with knives.

Right after taking the fresh and juicy carrot from the ground they take off the leaves.

Wholesale you get a uniform size, so you won’t anything irregular that is too big or too small. Through trial and error Houga found a use for the irregular carrots and that is the “Tsuken Carrot Powder”. You can put it into water and make juice, mix it into rice, use it in broths, or for making bread and sweets; it is truly an invaluable resource.   

 The thought of the producers spread throughout the region to make even more ideas, and a new kind of sweet was born.

Tsuken Carrot Roll

 photo by Hitoshi Yamazaki

Tsuken Carrot Roll B.B.R
The carrot roll made by the pastry chef at the French restaurant B.B.R in Ota, Uruma has sweet and sour sauce that goes smooth cake and cream to make a great taste.

 photo by Hitoshi Yamazaki

Tsuken Carrot Roll Petit Four

The Tsuken carrot roll at the long-standing shop Petit Four in Uruma mixes powder into sweet rice flour, and in the slightly chewy cake there is a custard cream that uses Tsuken carrot flavor powder.  And for an accent there is carrot red bean jam!
And it looks like the moon rabbit who loves carrots.

With reuse as a theme, they use wrapping cloth as packaging. So even when you finish eating the carrot roll you can use a carrot colored wrapping cloth and it is made to get people’s attention.

photo by Hitoshi Yamazaki

You can eat Tsuken carrot roll, which is beloved in Uruma, can be bought in shops in the city and is a great souvenir. It would be great of the area of the Tsuken carrot roll grew little by little.
Tsuken Carrot Roll

 Restaurant B.B.R.
Address : 305 Ota, Uruma-shi
TEL: 098-973-1234

Petit Four
Ishikawa Shop
1-22-20 Ishikawa Agariyama, Uruma-shi
TEL: 098-965-4702

 Agena Shop
126-3-1F Agena, Uruma-shi
TEL: 098-972-3575

Esu Shop
Address: 542-9 Esu, Uruma-shi, Okinawa
TEL: 098-973-5784

*The cloth wrapping is in limit supply and while supply lasts.

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305 Ota, Uruma-shi