Okinawa Tourism Information:ATriathlonWhereYouUseYourBodytoEnjoytheBeautifulWildernessofKumeIsland

A Triathlon Where You Use Your Body to Enjoy the Beautiful Wilderness of Kume Island

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

This past March 15 Kume Island Chanpuru Triathlon took place, the earliest triathlon in Japan for the first time 27 years, where you can experience the wonders of Kume Island. Among the 180 competitors there were locals and people from the Kanto region and even from the far off Hokkaido.

This was a short distance triathlon with 1.5km swim, 50km bike ride and 10km distance run. Right after the start it 14℃ and cold on the skin but during midday it was over 20℃ and warm.    

The white sandy beach of Eef Beach, which was even selected as one of the 100 top coasts in Japan, was the start. At many different speeds people swim with all their might in the highly transparent sea before its opening for the season.

The bike course is also refreshing as is goes through coastline between the lush green wildness and Shimajiri.
There are a lot of hills on Kume Island but it was comparatively easier for beginners as well than a course with very little changes in elevations.

During the run, they get to run through sugar cane, the specialty item of Kume Island, during the harvest season.

When they arrive at the finish line after using all their body to enjoy this beautiful nature the participants have huge smiles on their faces.

Everyone from Team M.I.T. who came from Tokyo on a tour.

During lunchtime that everyone was looking forward to at Eef Beach Hotel a special pork curry was given out. In a place that has a resort atmosphere, the taste of curry after a workout while enjoying it with comrades is exceptional.
 The prize winners and runner up in various categories get things like goods for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles who train on Kume and airline miles from Japan Airlines.
During the evening, a party for the participants and the staff takes place and that are treated freely to the local awamori Kumesen and Okinawan cuisine.  

 On the following day a cycling event “Kume Island Sugar Ride” is held and many of the participants who participated in the triathlon participated in the Sugar Ride as well. During the 2 lap course, you can enjoy going through many of the sightseeing places and the atmosphere of the island.
There was a lot of time between the previous triathlon and this time and plenty of the participants from the last triathlon who wanted to bring it back voiced their hopes.
And through having both events and the cooperation of the managing the event they can lessen the burden on the island.

This was an event that has taken in a while and also a pre-event but by deepening exchanges on the island; I would like to get the understanding of the locale so it the event can be held in full scale.  

I would like it if people came to the almost all the prefectural recognized natural park and enjoyed the beautiful sea and greenery of Kume Island at an event where they can interact with a lot of people.

Place: Kume Town, Kume Island
Date: 15 March 2014
Number of People: 300 Individuals, 50 Relay Tean (A: 3 People; B: 2 People (One does 2 parts))
Participation Qualification: Male or female of high school age that can compete in a triathlon
Participation Fee: 16,000 yen (Individual) , 24,000 yen (Relay)
Sponsor:  Okinawa Cycle Sports Promotion Organization

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