Okinawa Tourism Information:”Knownasthebarwhereonecanlodgeforthenight:anoldguesthouseinNahawhereyoucanenjoy‘yuntaku’(chatting)”

”Known as the bar where one can lodge for the night: an old guesthouse in Naha where you can enjoy ‘yuntaku’ (chatting)”

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Gekkoso – Moonlight Guesthouse is located in a very convenient place, close to Miebashi Station in Naha shortly aftering entering Kokusai Street.
It was opened in 1999, when the concept of “guesthouses” was not yet well known.
Even in Naha it is considered an old guesthouse.

Staying at a guesthouse is comparatively cheaper than a ryokan or hotel.
It is a form of accommodation where normally there is a big room called the dormitory, and communal restrooms and bathing facilities.
But the true charm of a guesthouse is, as one might expect, the interaction with other travelers and the exchange of information.

In particular, as the owner himself refers to Moonlight Guesthouse as a “bar where you can lodge for the night”, people from the neighborhood gather with the guests and make it a very lively place everyday!
For some reason, there are many people among the staff and the guests who can play instruments, so as the evening goes on everyone starts to sing, chat and even dance.

Dinner is served in one plate shared by everyone, and you can experience the feeling of becoming a member of a big family with people you just met.
Even if you're just staying alone, you can become friends with someone here and then you can visit tourist spots with them the next day.
However, during the day you can relax on the veranda, with the sunlight filtering through an abundance of all kinds of trees, and you would not imagine you were in the center of Naha.

The staff is always making DIY improvements to this tasteful Japanese house.
In April of this year, a tree house was opened in the banyan tree beside the adjacent bar “Tsuki no Wa”.

There may be also people who remember seeing this building somewhere before.Yes, this is the place that became the model for the “Tsukimiso” guesthouse in the manga “Afro Tanaka”!If you're lucky enough, you may even encounter the people whom the manga characters were modeled after.

Guesthouse Gekkoso – Moonlight Guesthouse
Tel: 098-862-5328
Address: 1-4-32 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa
Accommodation: Dormitory 1 night from 1,500 yen, private room (single) from 2,500 yen, private room (double) from 4,000 yen

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1-4-32 Makishi, Naha City