Okinawa Tourism Information:OfficiallyrankedfromtheMinistryofEnvironmentasoneofthehighestqualitybeachesinJapan,“SunMarinaBeach”

Officially ranked from the Ministry of Environment as one of the highest quality beaches in Japan, “Sun Marina Beach”

post : 2014.11.03 21:00

“Sun Marina Hotel” located in the southern part of the resort area of Onna Village is proud of “Sun Marina Beach,” which, of course, those who are not hotel guests can also use for free. (But you have to pay parking fee, etc.) 

“Sun Marina Beach” situated in “Okinawa Seaside Quasi National Park” is different from other resort beaches.

The beach has been selected as one of “the 100 best beaches in Japan” by Ministry of Environment as well as has been recognized as the top rank of AA for its water transparency by the said ministry.  And on top of that, the beach was chosen as one of the 12 highest quality beaches in Japan.  “Sun Marina Beach” has an established reputation for one of the best beauty in Japan.

Even more than its high quality water, the dazzlingly bright white sand long beach stretching over 400m from the south to the north is a shoaling beach with very calm waves as the beach is surrounded by large breakwaters.  Of course they installed safety nets for keeping the jellyfish away, so you feel easy and fully enjoy while swimming with children.

In addition, there are a variety of beach leisure activities and marine sports programs. (You have to pay for those activities.  Also some of them are available for only summer, so please check with beach staff.)
At “Beach Land,” an 8m-high jumbo slider, a trampoline, etc. are popular.

Most of typical activities like banana boat, wakeboarding are available.  Among them, aqua bike, which is a giant tricycle for riding 2 persons that runs on the water surface, is very nice for a couple to enjoy the ocean view in a leisurely fashion.
Also a snorkeling tour to Blue Cave, which is a place you might want to visit when you come to Okinawa.

 “Garden Pool,” which highlights a water slider started in 2013, has a 30m-deep swimming pool for small children, so you feel relaxed.
Anyway, there are plenty of wonderful activities for first comers to Okinawan water are waiting for you!
For your information, if you want to fully enjoy marine activities here, I would recommend a 3 days passport, with which you can try several activities.

When you get tired, why don’t you enjoy walking on the bridge over the breakwaters?
In the daytime, you can enjoy a lovely view of the horizon far out on the East China Sea and in the evening, enjoy the glorious sunset as much as you like.

Sun Marina Beach

Address: 66-1 Fuchaku, Onna Village
TEL: 098-965-2222(Sun Marina Hotel)

Open: Beach (open throughout the year), Swimming Pool (late March to early November), Beach Land (late April to October)
Admission Fee: Beach (Free) , Swimming Pool & Shower Room (1,000 yen (tax included) for both adults and children), Parking (Paid)


Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa