Okinawa Tourism Information:ABoardinghouseWhereYourDaysCanBeFilledwithMagnificentViewsattheSouthernmostTipofJapan

A Boardinghouse Where Your Days Can Be Filled with Magnificent Views at the Southernmost Tip of Japan

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Even among the numerous beaches in Okinawa, Nishi Beach on Hateruma Island is especially beautiful with it highly transparent emerald green ocean and right in front of t there is the boardinghouse Sainantan.
The ocean view from all the rooms, the roof and the restaurant allow you to enjoy beautiful views all day.

The owner Sakieda was born and raised in Hateruma. After being a farmer, then a dump truck driver he decided that he wanted to let a lot of people enjoy the ocean throughout the day and from that thought he open the boardinghouse of his dream 8 years ago.

 Early in the morning there are not a lot of people and you can enjoy the vibrant transparent sea and at sunset you can enjoy the sun sinking into the horizon in this luxurious land.
Meals are mainly fresh fish and vegetables that were taken on the island.

It is a bit away from the hamlet so there is no light in the surroundings so if you lay down on the roof on a clear night you can see a lot of stars like a natural planetarium. It is not rare to see shooting stars on Hateruma Island.
All the rooms come with air conditioners and a bathroom so you can keep your privacy so those who come with family can rest easy as well. All the necessary amenities are provided so you can pack lighter.

Being able to the blue sky and reef interweaved with the Hateruma blue makes for unparalleled lodging.
Pension Sainantan
Address: 886-1 Hateruma, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
TEL: 0980-85-8686
FAX: 0980-85-8989
Phone Reception until 10:00pm
Accommodation Fee (1 Night 2 Meals): 1F Japanese-style Room 8,500 yen, 2F Western-style Room 9,500yen/1 Western-style Room 12,000 yen (Total Rooms: 12)  
*Charge for 1 Adult (Children half price)
10% Discount after 3rd continuous day.

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886-1 Hateruma, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa