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Izena Island Kujinu Shimi

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Shimi Festival is a tradition that was imported from China and during the Gregorian Qing Ming people visit the grave of their ancestors the. Every year earlier than anywhere else Izena Island the Kujinu (Government) Shimi takes place and a important traditional event that is said to be a Shimi that can be done in a home garden and is sponsored Izena Village takes place in early April.   
The reason why it is Izena Island is because Izena Island the birthplace of the Ryukyuan King En Sho (the first king of the second Sho Dynasty). At the base of the symbol of Izena, Izena Castle Ruins, the grave of King En Sho’s mother and father are buried in Izena Tama-udun and 22nd generation head of the Sho family Hiroshi Sho and other modern members of the Ryukyu royal family are buried here.
Kujinu Shimi takes place at Tama-udun.

The foods of Shimi are multi-tiered food boxes (burdock root, fish paste, ribs, konnyaku, fish tempura, fried tofu, seaweed etc.) but the offerings at Izena Tama-udun are unique.
Pig’s head, whole chickens, fresh fish and other that are not normally offered at Shimi festivals are line up on a special table. The place of items has not changed since the days of antiquity.  
Also pay attention to the dishes they are using. They are all real Ryukyuan lacquerware with the Sho family emblem.   
They were donated to Izena Village by the Sho family and their relatives Mekaru family but for Kujinu Shimi they are taken out of from the museum they are normally keep it in to be used in the festival which is extremely rare.

However, year after year the damage became more extreme so from this year they are using some of the lacquerware that has been restored.
At the Kujinu Shimi Festival other than the village mayor of Izena, the sponsor of the event, and the superintendent of education, the second daughter of Hiroshi Sho, Keiko Nozu and other members of the Sho family are in attendance.  

Anyone can go to quietly observe the Kujinu Shimi Festival. And you can look at the Izena Castle Ruins, Izena Tama-udun, Izena Fureai Museum year round.
So about going on an island trip to Izena Island to go to a hometown of a Ryukyuan king?

Izena Tama-udun (Okinawa Prefecture Designated Cultural Property)
Address: 1 Izena, Izena-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa

Izena Fureai Folk Museum
Address: 196-129 Izena, Izena-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Closed: Monday, Holidays, Year end
Admission Fee: 200  yen (Elementary/Middle School Students 100 yen/Group Discount Available)
TEL: 0980-45-2165

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Hiroshi Kuwamura


1 Izena, Izena-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa