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Shop Naha, A New Gift Shop Focused Naha's Craftsmanship

post : 2014.11.22 16:00

On April 11th “Shop Naha” had its grand opening on the 1st floor of Tenbusu on Kokusai-dori in the center of Naha. Shop Naha is both an information center for the Naha Tourism Association and a gift shop.  

Focusing on the “Naha=78” keep an eye out for the original products. They don’t only have original products but they have collaborative items with long-standing confectioners that you can only get here and other new items that you can only get here、which I would like to introduce.

Naha Event Tour (780 yen+tax)

Naha Event Tour is 5 types of sweets made from beans. They have the name of a major event in Naha on the package. The five flavors you can enjoy are: black sesame brown cane sugar soy flour (May “Naha Hari”), Okinawa Taco (August “10,000 Eisa Dance Festival”), black sesame brown cane cocoa (October “Naha Giant Tug-of-War Festival), peanut brown cane sugar (November “Ryukyu Dynasty Festival Shuri”) and black sesame ginger (December Naha Marathon).

Flower Chinsu (1,000 yen+tax)

The flower of Naha is the bougainvillea. There are bougainvillea shaped chinsu (a popular baked snack of Okinawa) there are the pink raspberry flavored petals and the green green tea flavored leaves. They are on sale for a limited time only.

Naha Sable (780 yen+tax)

They are shortbread cookies with the cute design of 7 and 8 of Shop 78 (Naha), 7s are black sesame flavored and purple yam flavored and the 8s are green tea flavored and brown cane sugar flavor, for a total of four flavors and they are crunchy.

78 Bag (2,500 yen+tax)

Tote bag dyed with bingata. Look for the Okinawa rail and clownfish in the 7 and 8 designs. The tote bag is trapezoidal, so it is both stylish and easy to use.

Naha Giant Tug-of-War T-shirt (2,500 yen)

An original t-shirt with Guinness World Record level annual autumnal event, the Naha Giant Tug-of-War, as a theme. The poppy drawing has an epoxy finish, and it is cute and cool. It might be good for people who come here to participate in the tug of war as well.

Pickled Winter Melon (500 yen+tax)
Does miss out on the product that is a collaborative effort between the traditional confectioner Jahana Kippan and Shop Naha that you can only get here.
Jahana Kippan has a strict policy of not selling their sweets outside of their shop but the put the pickled winter melon in easy to buy 120g packages for Shop Naha.

There are also select goods corners in collaboration with local magazines and since Naha is the training camp grounds of the Yomiuri Giants there are both professional baseball goods on sale and display.   

The shop manager Minori Hidaka said “I want to show the charming points off Naha which is the gateway to Okinawa while introducing the specialty items of all of Okinawa.”

How about coming to Shop Naha and looking at the wide variety of goods, some of which you can only get here?
Shop Naha
Address: 1F Tenbusu, 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha
Operating Hours: 10:00am-8:00pm
Closings: Open Year Round
TEL: 098-868-4887

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Hiroshi Kuwamura



3-2-10 Makishi, Naha