Okinawa Tourism Information:4thKouriIslandMagicHourRuninNakajin-son,AHalfMarathonwithPicturesqueSceneryandAWonderfulSunset

4th Kouri Island Magic Hour Run in Nakajin-son, A Half Marathon with Picturesque Scenery and A Wonderful Sunset 

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In an evening of early summer a half marathon was held at dusk during what is called the golden hour. The “4th Kouri Island Magic Hour Run in Nakajin-son” was held on Saturday April 19th.

The starting and finishing point was Nakajin-son Atheletics Park and there are two courses: the round trip half marathon where you cross Warumi and Kouri Bridge and go to Kouri Island and come back and the 11km course where you cross Warumi Bridge and come back.   

Modern Kumi-odori was performed, and at 3:30pm the anxious 2,392 participants went a once!
Next at 3:50pm the 535 entries for the 11km course started.

That reached a high of 26℃! Even though it was the evening the sunrays were strong and unrelenting.
The beginning and end the course has many harsh ups and down, but the warm cheering of the local people encourages the runners.

The attractive feature of the marathon is the beautiful scenery of greenery and the sea, runners stop to take pictures.

People, young and old, men and women, finish with different time and expressions. They worked hard!
After their tough battle, the refreshing expression on the runners face is impressive.

The winner of the half marathon males was Saki Makino (Saitama) with a time of 1 hour 9 minutes and 32 seconds; the winner of the female half marathon was Iki Shimata from Ginowan with a time of 1 hour 36 minutes and 21 seconds. Out of 2,927 participants 2,782 people completed the half marathon. The completion rate was 95.0%.    

During the award ceremony almost like a gift for all the participants, in the western sky the sun slowly sank into horizon to make a beautiful sunset.

There are many marathons in Okinawa but the true pleasure of this one is the night festival afterwards.
In the venue, there are many plans put into place .There are things such as stalls being set-up and on the main stage people perform eisa and lion dances. The first marathon was cancelled due to the Tohoku Earthquake. The night festival was cancel due to rain the 2nd and 3rd time and thanks the weather being fine, this was the first time the night festival was held. At the close during the head of the running committee let out some strong feeling.
It goes without saying but in the end everyone did the kachashi.

 The event ended a huge success with everyone, the participants, the people cheering, the performers and the staff with satisfied looks on their faces. All of the participants, cheerers, and staff, did their best. Thank you for the refreshing smiles and emotions.

4th Kouri Island Magic Hour Run in Nakaji-son
Date: Friday, April 19th 3:30pm Start
Venue: Nakaji Village Athletic Park
Sponsor:  Kouri Island Magic Hour Run Production Committee

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)


Nakaji Village Athletic Park