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A Cafe that Is Hidden Away with Surprisingly Delicious Vegetable

post : 2014.11.11 16:00

Yanbaru Yasai Cafe Tamashida is in such a quiet residential area you start to wonder where the shop is located.
This is a hidden cafe that only people in the know, know about. It is a shop where you can eat seasonal vegetables of Okinawa year-round.
With the warmth of Okinawa, many types of vegetables can grow throughout the year. There are familiar vegetables such as tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers and there are also tropical vegetables like bitter melon, nigana (a type of flowering daisy), gynura bicolor and papaya.

So 2 to 3 three times a week, the busy staff of Tamashida goes to the market to buy organic vegetables.

They only use seasonal ingredients, so you can enjoy a different arrangement of vegetable.

This is the most popular item the “Tamashida Yasai Tappuri Lunch (Tamashida Lunch with Plenty of Vegetable)”. It is mostly vegetables but is quite filling.   

You cannot hold yourself back when enjoying the crisp papaya salad. With the simmer-stir fried daikon the more you chew it the more the broth spreads throughout your mouth. There is also the rich carrot soup.   

It had the refreshing taste of salad; it had pickles, boiled food, and fried food.   You can enjoy several different textures one plate: crispy, fluffy and vicious.

The owner told us “We use off-the-shelf seasoning and are doing anything special with them. We just draw out the deliciousness of the season.” However everything is made one by one with careful attention and with the way it is cooked the flavor and texture change. Even with vegetables as the main dish, this plate is highly satisfying.

It is lucky to have Okinawan vegetables which are a bit rare. The meal with soup and dessert is a surprisingly healthy 550 calories.

If you want to dig in I also recommend the meat menu. They also use meat and eggs from Okinawa. The Yanbaru pork cutlet, Ie beef Hamburg steak and fried Okinawa spring chicken and other meals come with plenty of vegetables.

There are people who come with families, friends or by themselves. You can relax while looking at the widespread greenery outside the window.   

 On this veranda there are the ferns (shida) from which the name of the shop comes from.

Fern are plants that grow strong by taking nutrients from the earth. Just like those ferns by taking nutrients from the earth (by eating plenty of vegetables), they want your mind and body to be healthy. That is the message that behind the shops name.

 Seasonal foods are rich in flavor and nutrients and that is what the body wants at that time. If you visit Tamashida you might feel refreshed and the lively energy that
Yanbaru Yasai Tamashida
Address: 2F ODM bldg, 1-34-2 Tomari, Naha-shi
Operating Hours: 11:30am-5:00pm
TEL: 090-2226-9155
Closed Sundays

Dinner is only for parties of 4-6 by reservation Tues-Fri 7:00pm-10:00pm

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Akiko Ono


1-34-2 Tomari, Naha-shi