Okinawa Tourism Information:DishesthatshowtheBeautyofIndigo,NifeArabesqueExhibitionIsBeingHeld!

Dishes that show the Beauty of Indigo, Nife Arabesque Exhibition Is Being Held!

post : 2014.11.11 16:00

RENEMIA, the sister shop of “ti tu ti” on New Paradise Street, opened last fall. It is a boutique shop with beautiful items including food, crafts and art from Okinawa as well as products from Scandinavia that were chosen with the aesthetic taste of the owner.

 They are holding the “Nife Arabesque Exhibition”.
Nife comes from “nife de biru” which means “thank you” in Okinawa. And arabesque is a type of pattern.
Nife Arabesque is a brand of dishware produced by Yui Maru Okinawa with high quality hospitality as concept. The dishes are made by Shinsei Pottery Workshop.

This is the first displaying and selling in Okinawa.

The indigo arabesque pattern is carefree and draws you in. In order to emphasize the beautiful of the color, the background is a translucent white.
The dishes, which grab you at first sight, have influences of traditional Okinawa yamuchin but allow have an air of the West.
It has an elegant yet frigid beauty but has the feeling that if you hold on to it, it will be a dish that you can get familiar with.
They are smooth to the touch. They are light and thin so they can be stacked. The wise and beautiful dishes were made with the 20 years of experience of Kimie Asato from Shinsei Pottery Workshop and who through progression took ease of use for women into consideration.

Kimie modeled the pattern after the hanging plants in that grew thickly in her garden and the color combination of inspired by the sky and sea of Okinawa and there are also patterns like the crashing of waves and the wings of the bluebird of happiness.

All the drawings are by hand, so there are no two dishes that are exactly alike.

There are many shapes and sized. Without selecting what dish you are serving, the dishes make hospitable food more beautiful and normal side dishes more delicious.

It is open enough to hold any kind of food no matter how massive, which is probably somewhat like the open-heartedness of Okinawa.
At the counter in RENEMIA you can enjoy coffee. And of course, it comes in an arabesque series cup. Look, doesn’t this coffee look more delicious?

 In a different corner, the items they have on sale normally also flash with light.   

There are notebooks and kid’s t-shirts with drawings from local artist MIREI, and there are make-ups and essential oils that are made from almost 100% getto (shell ginger).  
There are facial packs made with Ryukyu mudstones, cutlery made with Okinawa trees and more.

Those are things that give your everyday life a sense of fun and were selected with affection from the owner.
Along with the arabesque series, they are also perfect as gifts and souvenirs.

 So if you are in the area near Makishi Station, go off the beaten path and take a look at RENEMIA.
This could be your chance to get a souvenir for your trip that is truly unique.

Address: 2-7-15 Makishi, Naha-shi
Operating Hours: 2:00pm-7:00pm
TEL: 098‐866‐2501
Closed: Wednesday

Nife Arabesque Exhibition
Until Tuesday, April 29th
*You can purchase the Arabesque series at Renemia after the exhibition is over.

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Akiko Ono


2-7-15 Makishi, Naha-shi