Okinawa Tourism Information:RelaxingBeach“OdoBeach,”WhichHasBeenLovedbytheLocals

Relaxing Beach “Odo Beach,” Which Has Been Loved by the Locals

post : 2014.11.15 12:00

Little to the east from the Cape Kyan at the southernmost end of mainland Okinawa, along the coast line of “Forest Park of Okinawa Peace Creation” spreads a natural beach called “Odo Beach” or “Odohama Coast.”

This area is precious because sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs from March to August.  The water is crystal clear and there are well-developed coral reefs.

Many tidal pools of small and large appear at low tide and plenty of colorful fishes are all over!  In season, the beach is crowded with families. (Please note that marine shoes are a Must item as there are so craggy rocks underwater!)

At high tide, local surfers come here for surfing, so it is nice to watch the people surfing at the beach in a leisurely fashion.

It is also called “John Man Beach” as John Manjiro, who lived in the States in the late Edo period, landed on Odo Beach on his way back to Japan when the ship wrecked ashore.

Although the beach is not managed by government or any organizations, there are paid parking lot, paid showers and shop (only for summer) as well as free parking lot (for up to 30 and some more), toilet, resting space and benches.  Through all seasons, the local people have a relaxing time for BBQ parties, etc.

You might be able to meet Ojii (elderly man) playing sanshin (Okinawan three stringed instrument) with a beer in his hand.

This rustic natural beach displays different expressions according to the rhythm of tides. 

Why don’t you share yonna (Okinawan word meaning “slowly, slowly”) local time here that you cannot find in well-maintained resort beaches?

Oodohama Beach

Address: 240-7, Oodo, Itoman City

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)