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An Unexpectedly Great Spot! The Winter Golf Course

post : 2014.11.29 16:00

In Nago, Okinawa is Kanucha Golf Course surrounded by the virgin forests and wilderness called Yanbaru. This year is the 20th anniversary of the 65 acre (~265,000 ㎡) grand golf course established in parallel with Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas.

In combination with the high-quality resort, it has continued to attract golfers throughout the seasons.

Compared to Japan’s mainland, winter in Okinawa is warm and doesn’t have the sunshine of summer, so it is the perfect season to play golf.

As Okinawa is blessed with a warm climate, grass retains its greenness throughout the year, and tropical country-like flowers bloom all around.

With bougainvillea flowers also in full bloom, the eyes of the golfers will be delighted.

And different kinds of landscapes are interwoven through the course, which was built taking advantage of nature.

Tee shots face the beautiful blue ocean. You can feel in your whole body the joy of playing with the best sense of openness.

The course was built along with a superb resort hotel, so another attraction is being able to enjoy meals at the hotel restaurant before and after playing and for those staying there, relax in a hotel room. And even more, there are nail salon and relaxation spa facilities on offer, so non-players who come along can also enjoy time to forget their daily routine.

In addition, the course at Kanucha Golf Course is offered for practice for junior players in Okinawa, contributing to the fostering of a new generation of pros. One player raised on this course is Mamiko Higa, the pro player who, at the mere age of 20, showed an outstanding performance last year and got 2 wins in the national tour.

This kind of support structure must also be a large factor in the behind the scenes activity of Okinawan pro golfers in recent years.

For all you golf fans, come and experience a golf course that is surrounded by nature and the blue ocean, the finest resort space, and tropical flowers even in winter.

Kanucha Golf Course
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