Okinawa Tourism Information:The21stYomitanYachimunMarketWasHeld!

The 21st Yomitan Yachimun Market Was Held!

post : 2014.11.29 16:00

The “Yomitan Yachimun Market” held annually in Yomitan village, which is famous for its yachimun (pottery/porcelain), is big even among pottery markets held in Okinawa, and this year 29 potters who have workshops in Yomitan gathered together.

Starting with potters who have workshops in Yachimun no Sato (Pottery Village), and because young creators who have workshops in Yomitan village also opened up shop, you could see various kinds of yachimun from traditional ones to energetic ones that are combined with new elements.

You could see the work of master potter Tsunehide Shimabukuro of Tsunehide Pottery Workshop, as well as many colorful, Okinawa style yachimun with traditional patterns.

The yachimun of Kosuke Karamizo of Jikkaku Workshop, which was popular in previous days’ articles, was all the rage. Even though I was interviewing him, I couldn’t help getting in line and buying things. There was a huge lineup of pretty pottery, with an especially popular coffee bean pattern pottery!

Thank in part to being blessed with the first clear blue sky in a while, the yachimun market had a huge, bigger than expected turnout of people right from the start in the morning. It was such a roaring success, I couldn’t hear the artists talk during the interviews!!!

And with that being the case, my friend butted in and got a picture with Futoshi Nagahama from Kokorozashi Tobo.

Even among the young potters of Yomitan village, Futoshi Nagahama advocates pottery that combines things like new designs that can be embraced in modern times, while also taking care to use Okinawan yachimun techniques and the materials of Okinawa!

At the Yomitan Yachimun Market, on top of being able to buy the yachimun of many potters who work in Yomitan, I recommend getting any pottery you like without debate because they are sold at largely discounted prices. The popular pottery disappears really fast!

With the participation of the selling potters, a charity auction was also held. The proceeds from the auction were donated to welfare projects in Yomitan village. Things were sold that couldn’t normally be bought, so it was quite a sight!

The biggest attraction at the yachimun market was being able to directly meet the ceramic artists. ♪ It was great to buy yachimun directly from its creator who put their heart into making it. Try going to find some yachimun you like next time while talking right with the potters. ♪

I heard that many people every year take a trip to Okinawa to go to the Yomitan Yachimun Market. ♪
Yomitan village has many attractions, such as the beautiful ocean, tranquil scenery, the Zakimi Castle Ruins World Heritage Site, trendy cafés and more, so it’s a popular spot for tourists too.

After all, it is “the village with the largest population in Japan”!
Yomitan village! It’s the village everyone’s interested in! Enjoy visiting Yomitan village along with the yachimun market.

21st Yomitan Yachimun Market
Place / Yunta Market, JA Farmers’ Market, Yomitan
Date / February 22 (Sat), 23 (Sun)
Time / 10:00am – 7:00pm
Inquiries / Yomitan Cooperative Marketing Center 098-958-1020

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2346-11 Kina, Yomitan Village