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Young Artist Exhibition in San-A Naha Main Place

post : 2014.11.29 16:00

From today the “Young Artist Exhibition” is being held at San-A Naha Main Place. All the artist who were being exhibited had impressive brilliant smiles and you could receive some of the power and nature. I am going to give the artist a bit of an introduction.

First is the bingata artist Yuka Aragaki who who got lot of response on Okinawa when she was introduced. You can see her work right in front of you! They are all vibrant and wonderful.

This impressive photographer that is all smiles is Miyako Nishi. This photos that seem they will draw you in are framed with driftwood when they are on display.

The enpitsu calligrapher is soyamax. He did the writing on the poster for this exhibition. Enpitsu is the connection between the fate (en) and the writing instrument (pitsu) when characters are written. Today, the first day of the event, the first 30 people who came would receive a square board with their name written on it by soyamax. It was so popular that people lined up from 7am and some of the people who got the board cried.

The sponsor of the young artist exhibition is the Okinawa Art Group. The Okinawa Art Group takes young artists from Okinawa and produces them, them member do a variety of activities.
The director Yoko Sunakawa passionately said “I want to give young artist, who are full of potential, a chance to express themselves. And I want those who usually cannot normally go to exhibits can easily go there and get an opportunity to see new artist that are active in Okinawa.

There plenty of artists that are full of personality that gather in Okinawa. The Young Artist Exhibition is being held for three days starting today on the 3rd floor of lively San-A Naha Main Place in front of the central elevator.
Come on down!

Young Artist Exhibition in San-A Naha Main Place
Yuka Aragaki (Bingata Artist), Aya Sekiguchi (Full Color Illustrator), soyamax (Enpitsu Caligrapher), Miyako Nishi ((earth photographer), Norie Wanibe (Shisa Artist),  Misaki Yanagi (Oil Paint Artist)

Friday, August 23-Sunday, August 25th 2013 9:00am-8:00pm Free Admission
San-A Naha Main Place in front of the 3rd Floor Central Elevator
4-4-9 Omoromashi, Naha-shi
Sponsor: Okinawa Art Gallery 098-862-9287   
Okinawa Clip Photowriter Reina Chinen (0173)


4-4-9 Omoromashi, Naha-shi