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Dining with Color, Dishware Full of Love

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Cups with bears drawn on them and handle in the shape of animals. All the dishware made by the potter Katsuki is unique and colorful. They are all so cute once you lay eyes on them you do not want to let go.  

She is from Fukuoka. She moved to Okinawa and has been working for 15 years as a potter. Near her hometown there was a kiln and earthenware has a place close to her heart. Since she was a child she took an interest in crafting.  

At art school she studied woodblock printing, but the feeling of giving form to earth suited her better and she went on to be potter.

She does not consciously put Okinawa into her pieces. However, with themes that includes goats, an animal very close to the people of Okinawa, when you look at that piece you think it is very “Okinawa”.   

“Like the how my speaking is slowing becoming more dialectical, probably that is how Okinawa is appearing in my work.  

In general, she does not do first drafts. Mitsuki drawings on the dishware are of her world of inspiration.

“I do not try to make a weird display. To make some that people want to buy because it is cute but when they use it, it is also easy to use is the goal behind my work. I want to make items that people always want to use that are full of love.

It is a fusion of the vibrant nature of the illustration, craftiness and the easiness to get use to nature created through pottery. That and it shows the vibrant human who like to talk and laugh who made the  p

Gathering a bit of the Okinawan atmosphere.
Even today Katsuki is in her workshop in Naha making dishes that captures people smiles.

Oyatsu no Jikan
Date: Friday, September 6-Tuesday, September 17
Location: So General Shop (1-24-18 Ojana, Ginowan-shi)

10 Artists Coffee Cup Exhibition
Date: Friday, September 13-Monday, September 23
Location: ten (1497 Shimabuku, Kitanakagusuku-son, Okinawa)

Artist Love Animal 2013
Date: Saturday, September 21-Sunday, October 6
Location: GALLERY point-1 (2-7-8 Matsuo,Naha-shi)

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