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October 2nd is Tofu Day

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 The special qualities of Okinawan tofu are that it is springy and has a strong flavor of soy beans. It is an indispensible ingredient in Okinawan cuisine and Okinawa is the largest consumer nationwide. I wanted to learn more about Okinawan tofu, so I went to learn more at Ikeda Foods where they make handmade tofu in kettles.   

The tofu that is available nationwide like soft tofu and firm tofu is made by nishibori compare to Okinawan tofu which is made by namashibori. Nishibori is done by filtering and separating the bean curds and soymilk after letting them simmer. Making tofu by filtering and separating the soymilk and bean curd first (when they are still raw) then adding heat is namashibori. By filtering raw soybeans to make tofu, Okinawa tofu has a strong soybean flavor and it is higher in qualities such as protein!    

 Also the nigari (magnesium chloride) is made using for sea water from Chatan and heat is directly applied kettle to make tofu like they did in the past

The artisans carefully make each one hand. It is very exciting to see tofu being made in a kettle.

If you make reservation beforehand, one group a day can come and look at their factory. You can see the craftsmen’s skill and the tofu being cooked and other parts of tofu being made that you cannot normally experience.  And without a doubt you will love Okinawan tofu even more!



The third generation heads of Ikeda Foods is the Zukeran couple. Their wedding anniversary is October 2nd which is Tofu Day (10=to 2=fu). You can feel their love for tofu (and each other).


At the Ikeda Food homepage you there are various recipes using Okinawan tofu! So don’t forget to checkout their site!

Ikeda Foods

184-3 Ikeda, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, 903-0115

Tel: (098)945-0279

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184-3 Ikeda, Nishihara-cho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa