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Creator Naomichi Sato

post : 2013.10.13 16:00

Migrated from Nagano to Okinawa.
After learning sculpture at the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, when the opportunity arose Naomichi Sato moved to a workshop in Sashiki in Nanjo City, Okinawa and started creating ceramics.

The dish is formed in a gentle curve, and its shape and color overturns the common sense of  ceramic art.
Not having a specific idea in mind, but receives different inspiration each time as the hand moves to create the ceramic. 
It is created into a form which the creator wants to create, and a form also easy to use.
And what he desires is the easy usage, and techniques like craftman, which ables him to continue creating.

The workshop is a small shack, which he made himself.
Next to the workshop is a cafe 'Utsuwa + Cafe Bonoho'.
He renovated his own house by himself into a gallery and cafe.
It is only open on the weekends, when he is free to create.
His wife, Makoto makes the food.
Coffee is made from coffee beans which Naomichi has roasted himself.

He can't call himself a sculptor, since he creates mainly ceramics.
However, he does not know what materials he will be using next year, so we cannot call him a ceramic artist either.
It seems that he does not like to be call an artist.
Suffice to say that, he is a 'creator'.
Dishe, atmosphere, materials, it does not matter.
The bright, open atmosphere of Okinawa, sublimates the artwork.
Utsuwa+Cafe Bonoho
Address/65 Banchi, Sashiki Tedokon, Nanjo City
Business Days/Saturday, Sunday
Business Hours/11:00a.m.〜6:00p.m.
Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Masayuki Sesoko


65 Sashiki Tedokon, Nanjo City