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Pancake Cafe with Nice Ocean View

post : 2014.12.01 21:00

Seaside Cafe HANON is located nearby the American village in Chatan-cho, Okinawa.
The specialty of the cafe are Pancakes, but you can also enjoy other sweets and meals.
Lovely pancake menu for kids are also available.  
The entrance door is wide and ocean blue color, just like inviting you to blue ocean in Okinawa, and making you easy to find.

Inside the Cafe has an open atmosphere with white and blue interior and you can enjoy nice ocean view of Chatan area from the terrace seats.  
Upon order, Hanon makes you very soft Pancakes with their originally selected ingredients.
You can choose either buttermilk or whole wheat dough, in both you can enjoy the natural taste of each ingredients.

(photo: French Pancake topped with fresh cream)

If you are sweet Pancake lover, French Pancake is recommendable. This is a buttermilk Pancake re-baked with their special sauce which makes the Pancake even softer and rich.    
The Pancakes have less sugar so you can add some maple sugar sauce if you wish.

Some topping menu are also available. You can arrange to your own style on a simple pancake.
The taste of 100% fresh cream is very rich but not too sweet.
Other topping like  Homemade custard cream and scrambled eggs are also available.

The American taste Pancakes for meal are also popular because of the location.
Chilli beans is one of the popular menu among foreigners.
Spicy chilli beans and crispy fried sausage surely make you satisfy both in taste and volume.   

You can order Pancakes by piece.
Why not order many pieces and share?  

Kid's Pancake Plate is decorated of lovely mouse and recommendable for kids under 10 years old.
There are 3 kinds of ice creams and homemade cream puff on a dish.  
Kid's can get all of their favourite sweets on a dish.

HANON also has full assort of drink menu.
Fresh banana juice is very popular for kids.
Simple recipe of milk and banana will reminds you of childhood.

You can also taste the famous Italian coffee brand "CAGLIARI" coffee here.
There are only 10 Cafe which serve CAGLIARI coffee in Japan including HANON. 

(View from the terrace seats)

You can enjoy late breakfast or early lunch at HANON as they open 9 o'clock in the morning in weekends.
Why not spend a splendid time with your family with fresh and delicious Pancakes, and enjoy nice view of Blue Sky and Blue Ocean in Okinawa?

Seaside cafe HANON

Address/ Oak Fashion Bld., B-3-2F, 9-39 Mihama, Chatan-cho

OPEN/Weekday 11:00~20:00(19:00 L.O.)
     Weekend 09:00~20:00


Okinawa CLOP Photo writer (Akari Matsumura)