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Napoli Pizzeria with Shining Ocean View

post : 2014.12.04 18:00

It is only 10 minutes drive from so called Blue Cave or Zampa Cape.
Happy Cruise Cafe is located on a hilltop in Yomitan-village where you can enjoy
the nice view of East China Sea.  You can also enjoy the Napoli Pizza baked in the Stone Stove.

(Photo provided by Happy Cruise Cafe)

Surprisingly, the Stone Stove is proudly made by the owner!
The Pizza is baked in a short time at the same high temperature as the firewood is burnt,
and the temperature is well kept in the Stone Stove.
This is why the Pizza becomes so crispy on surface and tasty.
You can enjoy the original Napoli Pizza even the edge of the swelled dough.

Their original dough is proudly made and the taste as well as the natural flavour is very popular.
The original dough is made from the famous Italian flour of CAPUTO company.
The salt and yeast are also Italian and the dough is made very carefully.

The best recommendation is "Margherita" among all kinds of Pizza!
Melted mozzarella cheese on top of the plenty of tomato sauce
are so deliciousand very popular from kids to adults.

Well known by the local people and foreigners,This cafe has a variety of Pizza menu.
The Pork sausage mixed Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza with pineapple and coconut flakes,
and Pepperoni Americana Pizza with spicy salami sausage are some examples.

Many of lunch menu are based on Pizza, however,
more menu such as various pasta and main dish are alsoavailable in dinner time.

This is a Peperontino cooked with locally grown whole garlic.
The pasta is spiced with pepper and topped with locally grown whole garlic.
The garlic is deeply fried and gives very good taste to the pasta.
Other menu such as pasta made of Okinawan noodle and
Carbonara made of tasty Agu bacon (local pork that has juicy fat)are good selection.

The good recommendation for main dish is the Italian hamburg steak of Agu pork.
The meat is cooked slowly in the Stone Stove and dressed with mozzarella cheese and
plenty of home made tomato sauce. Colourful vegetables are also dressed on the side.
It just looks delicious!

If you prefer meat dish, Beef Tagliata is recommendable.
This dish is also cooked in the Stone Stove and will surely satisfy you also in volume.

The windows in the cafe are almost as tall as to the ceiling and Sunshine falls down into the cafe.
Over the tall windows, you can enjoy the view of beautiful ocean of emerald green.

In addition to standard table seats, there are some counter seats for single guests,
and floor seats for family guests.
Some terrace seats are also available where you can feel the nice sea breeze.

This is an Italian Cafe in casual atmosphere where you can enjoy the original
Napoli Pizza cooked in the Stone Stove and other various menu such as pasta and main dish.

Once you try, you will surely be a big fun of this Cafe.
Please enjoy the proudly cooked Pizza !

Happy Cruise Cafe
Address/ 800 Nagahama, Yomitan-village
Tel/ 098 989 9398
Open/ 11:30 ~ 15:00 (L.O. 14:00)
      18:30 ~ 22:00 (L.O. 21:00)
Close/ Wednesday・Tuesday dinner


Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Ono