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Charming Faced Plaster Seaser by Shimajiro Studio

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Shimajiro Studio is located in a residential area in Yomitan village, central of Okinawa main island.
You will be enchanted by the clear blue sky and ocean as you drive on the way.

There is no sign board of the Studio, or public advertisement, however
Some of the fans who have found the works in magazines or Internet will come all the way
to this studio to see the charming faces on the Seasers.
I am one of them. 

as a charm on top of the house roof.As you walk in the studio,
various sized Seasers welcome you in line.
The texture of plaster material and the natural color that match in any room
are very characteristic. You will especially be comforted by the humorous faces.

The Seasers originally used to be a gratitude work from tile workers to house owners
for the employment.
The tile workers used to make these Seasers with left over of plaster and red tiles
as a charm on top of the house roof.

Shimajiro Studio never uses mixed material but only plaster.
Traditionally used red tiles are used for large Seasers.

(Above picture shows nose and tongue, body and tail made of tiles)

You can also find handy sized charming Seasers like these.

The colorful Seasers are suitable for souvenirs.

There are various kinds of Seasers such as Wind bell Seasor with coral,
a strap and a scent holder are some examples.

This is  a Kijimuna with lovely big eyes,
the legendary spirit who resides on Gajyumaru tress in Okinawa.


The twelve zodiac signs are also available by piece.
Each character has its charm and just like talking to you.

Surrounded by green garden, Midori Nakano daily works in creating  Seasers.
She tries to face to Seasors every day how busy she might be,

First of all, dry the plaster a little and create small parts, then
put them together and paint them and dry again...
The plaster becomes stronger as she dries more and
that is why she also has to considers of humidity of the day.
It takes at least 1 week to create even a small Seaser.

"How do you get these inspiration to create such charming faces?"

"I do not think so seriously. I do not think so much but trust my hands as they move.", she replied.
"I feel comfortable and happy when I create Seasers and I can forget other things.
At the end of a day, I feel very refreshed. I think I am happy spending a day for such works."
She just listens to her heart and create what she wants to.
Her happiness in creation might bring humorous appearance on her works.

Ms. Nakano wishes to visit the remote island Yaeyama where remains traditional Seasers
whrere she would be able to find out the roots of Seasers and look at
the Seasers that have been carefully kept in generation.
She believes that she would be inspired there for her future works.

Shimajiro Kohboh (studio)

Address/ 47-5 Tokeshi, Yomitan village

Tel/ 098-958-4610 (Please ask for availability)


※ Visitors accepted in 14:00~17:00

Please consider of the neighbours

as the studio is in a quiet residential area.


Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Ono