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The King of B Rank Gourmet in Okinawa ! Miracle "Omu-Taco"

post : 2014.12.10 10:00

As you drive Onna village on route 58,
 you will find the Diamond Beach on a splendid coast line.  
The Taco Rice Cafe Kijimuna is located on top of a diving shop
in front of the beach and has been very popular for their original menu since they opened in 2003.

Their specialty is Omu-taco which won the Grand Prix
in Onna village Gourmet Grand Prix (OG-1) in 2013,
and this Omu-Taco is certainly the king in the B Rank Gourmet in Okinawa (780yen incl. Tax)


The Omu-Taco is a combination of Omelet and Tacos with Rice.
The Omelet is made from 2 fresh local eggs and very soft and
Tacos meat is spiced with strong pepper (less spiced meat is also available).
A plenty of thinly sliced cabbage on the side make very good combination for the taste.

Their original sauce for the dish is also delicious and
that is why this menu is the Only One dish you can not taste in anywhere else.

Variety of topping such as mozzarella cheese, bacon, garlic, corn,
 spinach, avocado, potato, and some local vegetables are also available
(+50〜180yen incl. Tax)
Among all these topping, Omu-Taco with Avocado & Bacon (1,060yen)
 has especially been very popular among ladies.

The fried bacons are crispy and juicy and making very good combination with softly cooked omelet!
Well matured avocado also helps the taste very rich.
As a recommendation, try to taste Omu-taco and Avocado separately at first,
 then taste them together.

If you prefer a simple menu, Taco-rice is recommendable (680yen incl. Tax).
Fresh tomatoes and cabbage,
rich cheddar cheese and the original spice sauce are well balanced and
you can surely enjoy the whole dish.

You can take out all the menu, however,
 the omelet for Omu-taco is very soft and taste the best while it Is hot♪

Taco Rice Cafe Kijimuna, Diamond Beach shop
Address/ 475 Serakaki, Onna village
TEL/ 098-966-8389
Open/(July to Sept.) 11:00~20:00 (other season)11:00~18:00
Close/ Wednesday

Okinawa CLP Photo writer Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)