Okinawa Tourism Information:MagnificentView!Thebridgewhereyoucanseethe"IslandoftheGods"

Magnificent View! The bridge where you can see the "Island of the Gods"

post : 2013.07.19 18:00

This is the Niraikanai Bridge that everyone knows in Chinen, Nanjo City.
 Actually, the bridge is a combination of the Nirai Bridge and the Kanai Bridge and started to be called the Niraikanai Bridge. In the Okinawan dialect "Niraikanai" has many meanings, such as paradise, the place where gods live, and Utopia.
 The view from the Niraikanai Bridge is a sight to behold. You can see Kudaka Island, which is called the "Island of the Gods" in Okinawa.
 There is a Ryukyuan folktale that the Ryukyuan creator god Amamikiyo fell from the sky on this island and started creating the nation, so it is seen as a holy land.
 While looking at the sea and descending from the Niraikanai Bridge, you can enjoy the magnificence of the nature of Okinawa, such as the Island of the Gods, the sea, and the forest.
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