Okinawa Tourism Information:"Oujima,fullofdeliciouscharms"

"Oujima, full of delicious charms"

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Oujima is located in the southmost end of Nanjo City, surrounded by the beautiful ocean.
It is not far, only 40 minutes from Naha, and it can be reached by car.
The island's perimeter is only 1.7 km, so you can go around it in less than 5 minutes, but it is filled with a delicious charm.

One of the main products of Oujima is flying squid.
Also, one of the main scenes you can see here is the squid lined up under the sky being dried.
Grill it up a little, and have it with mayonnaise, soy sauce and 7 flavour spice. Delicious!
The landscape, with its traditional fishing village feel, is calming.
This scenery remains until around October every year.

Also, if you mention Oujima, tempura is famous as well.
Mozuku seaweed (a specialty of the island) and various seafood are eaten as thick crusted tempura.
The tempura of Nakamoto Seafood right after crossing the bridge always brings a crowd.
Starting with mozuku seaweed, fish and squid tempura are at a very reasonable 65 yen a piece. If you drive a little further, you can find the Ooshiro Tempura shop with seating under the trees. You can try both and choose your favourite.

On May 4th of the lunar calendar (end of May to late June), the Unjami festival and the Hari boat races make the island livelier than usual.

Though it's small, this island is full to the brim with charm.

Okinawa Clip Photo Writer - Masayuki Sesoko


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