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The Creative Italian Food with Local Ingredients

post : 2014.12.11 22:00

DINING BAR JANOSZ is located in the American Village in Chatan cho, Okinawa prefecture.

This restaurant offers very creative Italian food with local ingredients.
Knowing the best performance on each local ingredient, they offer a variety of menu such as
tenderly cooked pasta, grilled local meat and fish.

The sun gets in the restaurant through the window and you can feel very comfortable.
The inside the restaurant is very round and designed just
like you feel like being in mother's womb.

Among of all the menu in the DINING BAR JANOSZ,
one of the best recommendations is The Peperoncino with Goya (a kind of squash)vegetable
and Suchika(salted fatty pork).
Suchika means salted fatty pork meat and is one of the traditional cooking way in Okinawa.
In old days, this used to be a preservative food when there was no refrigerator.
The meat becomes much tasty by being salted.

The salty taste of  Suchika and the bitterness of Goya vegetable
match very well for the Peperoncino. 
The Peperoncino is served with sprinkled mixed nuts on the top
and you can surely enjoy the taste.

Here you can taste of Beni Buta pork which is well advertised by mass media and
well known brand pork in Okinawa.
Beni Buta is grown by the feeding included of sweet potato called Beni
Imo and the fat is very mild and tasty.

The Hamburg made of 100% Beni Buta is very juicy and delicious.
In just one bite, you will enjoy the juicy taste of the meat.

There is also a crispy fried Cutlet of Beni Buta pork.
The meat is coated with flour with cheese when fried and very tender,
and popular menu for ladies.

There are also a variety of alcohol menu in DINING BAR JANOSZ.
The best recommendation by the owner Mr. Higa, is the Awamori liqueur made in Izena island
which is very rarely found even in Okinawa.
As the owner comes from Izena island, he manages to get the liqueur to serve.

In addition to above,  there are 2 more kinds of Awamori. 
One is named  Tokiwa  which tastes mild
and popular for ladies, and another is 5 year old Izana jima which also tastes mild with rich flavor.

In the back of the restaurant, there are some terrace seats where beautiful blue ocean can be seen.
It is a good suggestion to enjoy nice food in the sea breeze.
You can also see the beautiful sun set on the Sunset Beach in the evening, so it is also a good
idea to have early dinner enjoying some nice local wines.

Address/ AKARA3F, 9-20 Mihama, Chatan cho
CLOSE/ Wednesday

OKINAWA CLIP Photo writer Akari Matsumura