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Five Islands to be Connected by Irabu Bridge Hopping Around Splendid, Stunning Vistas Where Would You Like to Recommend?

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On January 31, the longest toll free bridge with a span of 3,540m in Japan will connect Miyako Island and Irabu Island.
Miyako Island, where you can savor Yonaha Maehama Beach, that has been said as the most beautiful waters in the East, and Higashi Henna-zaki Cape,
Kurima Island, where sugarcane fields and hideaway cafes are dotted around,
Ikema Island, which is richly endowed with nature including beautiful, famous, white sand beach,
and Irabu Island and Shimoji Island, which will be connected to each other by Irabu Bridge in next January….

The opening of Irabu Island to traffic will unite those five islands into one, making it possible for you to travel around the five islands in a leisurely pace with less worry about time than now.

Irabu Island is the second largest island in the Miyako Islands after Miyako Island.
The blue waters of the island are very special, and diving spots are everywhere around the island.
More brightly blue in Miyako than anywhere else and everlasting pure white sand beaches gain enormous popularity among divers.

After a 5 minute car ride from the entrance to the Irabu Island, Sarahama Port, you will reach a prominent observatory called “Funausagi Banata.”  The dynamic landscape from here is so beautiful that the picture doesn't match it at all!

A contrast of lush green on the island and bright blue sky and ocean shines brightly in your eyes. 

The famous, clear blue waters off Shimoji Airport is so gorgeous that it completely takes your breath away. 

The airport has been used for civil aviation training, where pilots practice a “tough and go” maneuvers.   Practices are performed irregularly, so if you would like to observe it, please contact Shimoji Airport Co., Ltd. (TEL: 0980-78-4812) (Please ask your Japanese friends for help when you contact them.)

 “Toori-ike Pond” is designated as a natural monument by the national governement and the prefectural goverment, and are two deep blue water ponds connected by each other and underwater cavern made from Ryukyu limestone.  The water depth is about 40m.  The ponds are connected with sea, so divers can enter the underwater cavern from the sea and come up to the surface of the pond. 

The place is also famous for a mysterious site where the legend of mermaid has been handed down,

(Picture Provided by Blue Sky)

“Kurima Bridge,” which is a 1,690m long bridge opened to traffic in March, 1995, connects Miyako Island and Kurima Island. 

Including Yonaha Maehama Beach, which has been praised as the most beautiful beach in the East, Kurima Bridge has so many spots where you can savor marvelous landscapes.  In addition, near the observatory, you can find places where you can have a relaxing rest as well as refresh your mind such as a pretty sundry shop, a café using local fruits.

“Ikema Bridge,” which connects Miyako Island and Ikema Island, is a 1,425m long bridge opened to traffic in February, 1992.  Ikema Island has Nishihenna-zaki Cape on the western side of the bridge and an observation spot for viewing Oogami Island on the eastern side.    
From the bridge, you can savor transparent, emerald green waters.
The opening of Irabu Bride will further develop charms of the five islands for your travel to Miyako Islands!

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