Okinawa Tourism Information:Okinawaningredientsstoredinajar.TheJarfoodcaféhasopened.

Okinawan ingredients stored in a jar. The Jar food café has opened.

post : 2013.10.15 15:00

Cococo Kobo, the gallery-workshop of potter Masashi Yokoi in Sashiki, Nanjo.
In that garden, "Bin Food cafe 'eju'" quietly appeared.
Binfood is a jarred food processing group formed by Nozomi Iizuka and Keiko Kato.
They have created and sold products that are safe to eat and made from natural, organically grown vegetables and fruits.

Now, they do not only produce ginger syrup . Ryukyu mustard, ryukyu ramune soda, okinawa miso ginger smoked pork and anchovies made from the sardines fished from the bay of Yomitani village are some of the products they make using ingredients from the prefecture.

In the cafe, they offer dishes made using these jarred foods.
Today's menu is a tomato cream pasta using their "Fertilizer free tomato sauce". There's dragonfruit sherbert and, of course, homemade ginger ale.
They are planning to make a lunch platter with lots of vegetables in the future.

They place importance not only in who produces, but in having the faces of the people involved in the making known.
"We make things we ourselves want to eat. We want to let people know of the qualities of jarred food through the shop and workshop."

Bin food cafe "eju"
124 TTamagusuku toyama,  Nanjo City
(Garden of atelier+shop COCOCO)
Business hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday (11AM - 4PM)
Telephone: 080-3977-2100


Okinawa Clip Photo Writer  Masayuki Sesoko


124 Tamagusuku toyama, Nanjo