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Feeling the Romantic Big Rocks in Yonaguni, East Edge of Japan

post : 2014.12.22 22:00

There are many sight seeing spot where you can see unique big rocks
and crags in Yonaguni Island, such as Tatigami-Iwa(rocks),
Tindabana, Kubura-Bali, Gunkan-Iwa and San ninu-dai(tableland).

The Tatigami-Iwa is a very symbolic rock of Yonaguni Island.
 This is a huge rock standing straight up
as if a holy  spirit stays there.

Gunkan(warship)-Iwa (rock) is located on the east side of Tatigami-Iwa.
As the name shows, this rock is just like one big warship.

"I am very attracted by something very mysterious" says Mr. Tanaka.

Attracted by the nature of this island, he moved to this island and has been
interested in especially Stones and Rocks.

I joined a sight seeing tour called "Tampopo Ryu(style) Tour" organized by Mr. Tanaka .
There are various sight seeing menu, and he chose for visiting Big Rocks.

Firstly, I saw a stone basin in a village.

The purpose of this basin is still unknown,
but it might have been a water tank for fire, or a washing basin,
or a feeding box for Yonaguni horses.
As the same style stone are found on the east side of the house,
some people believe this was used for praying their ancestors.

Some are small and some are big, the size of basin must have shown
the financial power in those days.

Mr. Tanaka has found an incomplete basin in the mountain.
The basin was carved only on the surface and some wedge pattern for carving
were remaining on the right down of the stone.

I wondered why the wooden tools have been substituted for stone tools among the people
in Yonaguni who had already established their Stone Culture at that time.
Mr. Tanaka introduced me many wonders in the island.

There must have been a reason for fading the Stone Culture.
However, unfortunately, even the elderly people in the island do not know,
and neither the old books remain.

In a village, there is a place where people supposedly cut stones.
I could see signs of wedge on surface of the rock.
I wondered why the people did not complete the basin after their hard efforts to
cut off the big rock in half and half again...
I turned my thoughts toward the ancient people's life.

like a human being face.
You will find many mysterious things here and there in the island.
They are all natural creature but you would feel
there is a message or a mystery behind.

You will see the Coastal Landforms on the back of the cliff.

At the end of tour, we went to a place where Mr. Tanaka named Mars.
As he named Mars, this scene is very unlike the Earth !

The Ryukyu Limestones stand a little on the wide spread sandstone and
this is just like another planet.

I had never known that there are such an amazing world in Yonaguni Island.

Mr. Tanaka has lived here for 11 years now and
has been the best ground tour guide in Yonaguni Island,
still, he believes there must be many more mysterious
things and will keep researching.

He is interested in not only in Minerals but also Animals,
 especially Yonaguni Horses.
He also runs a farm for the horses and organize a very unique horse riding tour
you can enjoy in full.

He wishes that all the visitors to receive as much power
as possible from the nature of Yonaguni.
I have also received much power !

Tampopo Ryu Tour

Big Rock Visit in half day
6000yen per person, 5000yen each / 2persons, 4000yen each / 3persons or more

Farm Address/ Higawa Shuraku, Yonaguni-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa prefecture.

If you wish to know more about remote islands of Okinawa

 Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Masumi Sasamoto