Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoytheIslandTasteinSeasonCasually&Reasonably「ShimaNabe-HotPot」&「OKINAWANCupGourmet」

Enjoy the Island Taste in Season Casually & Reasonably 「Shima Nabe-Hot Pot」&「OKINAWAN Cup Gourmet」

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「Japan in Season・Okinawa」 is a Local Campaign organized by Japan Travel Bureau themed
 "Discover the Attraction" since 1998.
There are many attractive events scheduled from November to March also this year.
Among  all the plans, 「Hot Pot」&「OKINAWAN Cup Gourmet」is very recommendable which many of
the tourists can enjoy the Taste and Ingredients of the Island in full when they travel in the Island.
This is an additional service for JTB tour tourists to have a chance to enjoy the Island's Taste in luxury.
Many kinds of menu for Hot Pot and Cup Gourmet are planned in various restaurants in Okinawa.
Each  menu has its originality and tastes very good and the followings are some examples;
First to be introduced, 「Shima Nabe- Hot Pot Optional plan」 which is offered by 20 hotels in Okinawa
and tourists can enjoy the original Hot Pot with healthy local ingredients.
This can create a new culture of Hot Pot in Okinawa style and is very notable.

Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha offers 
「Kariyushi Abasah Hot Pot」. Abasah is Porcupine fish.
Abasha fish can be seen in a close coast of Okinawa.
The fish has a lot of collagen and its white fish meat is very tasty.
Abasah fish is well known to have good nourishment
and especially gives good taste in soup, and here you can really enjoy
the Only One flavor and taste in the pot. 

(photo by JTB)

Kanucha Bay Hotel & Villas proudly offers「Steam baked Yambaru Agu Pork Hot Po」.
There are Collagen Balls in bonito broth.
The Agu pork, local squid, white fish and other local ingredients are steam baked in the Pot.
Agu pork is a black pig grown around Ohkawa, Nago area. 

Kise Beach Palace proudly offers「Uminchu (sea men) Island Hot Pot」
has variety of seafoods such as Abasha fish from Ie Island,
local crabs and other fish and this is just gorgeous.
These seafoods perform very good with local green leaf called Fuchiba and Tofu,
 bean curd in the Pot.

ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Okinawa Harbour View Hotel proudly offers「
Shinme-na-bi in Okinawa Style」.
The ingredients are Shrimps, Horned Turban, Sea Weed,
Bitter Melon called Goya, local carrots and green leaves called Handama.
Surprisingly, the Pot is sized 90x40cm and cooked in dynamic!

Renaissance Resort Okinawa presents 「Okinawa Beef Suki Yaki Pot」.
The Sirloin of Okinawa black beef and local pork match very well in the Pot.
Thinly sliced Papaya and Osmunda, called Zenmai, a mountain vegetable
from Miyako Island perform very good in the Pot.

(Photo by JTB)

As for Cup Gourmet, 39 restaurants in Okinawa offers Casual Sweets and Snacks
in One Cup on the way of your driving.
If you choose 「Thank You Choice Plan」(with car rental)on your tour,
no additional charge required.

「Okuma Caramel Cookie Bar」is offered by JAL Private Resort in Okuma.
This cookie contains local spice of Karagi(cinnamon), chocolate chip and nuts.
This is also very crispy and delicious with less sugar.

「Fruit Parfait」has many tropical fruits such as Mango, Banana, Orange,
 Kiwi fruit and Lychee, and looks just gorgeous !
Only Okinawa Fruit Land can offer such a parfait.

Okinawa World offers 「Seekuwasa(citrus) sticky dessert Mix」.
Nice and sweet flavor of Seekuwasa is enjoyable.
The sticky rice sweets are served in half frozen and similar
to pudding texture and also enjoyable.

Kouri Ocean Tower presents 「Pumpkin Choux Parfait」.
The sweet pumpkin and choux with chocolate sauce and whipped cream are so delicious!

Cafe La Si Sa offers their original menu of 「Zan-Taco Rice」.
This is a collaboration food of Yambaru(North area of Okinawa) vegetable and
Zangi(fried chicken) from Kushiro, Hokkaido.
Their original sauce is dipped in Zangi and arranged just like Taco Rice.
This spicy Zangi will surely stimulate your appetite .

(Photo by JTB)

Lastly, the followings are introductions of local ingredients used for Hot Pots
and Cup Gourmet above.
If you understand some, you will be able to enjoy the local foods more.

〔Local fish "Seafood"〕
The Black Current grow a plenty of fish and brings various fish to the coast of Okinawa.
Here, you can enjoy many kinds of Seafoods which you will only find under the Tropical climate.

● Gurukun / Falsekelpfish
This represents all the fish in Okinawa and the most popular menu is deep fried.
You can find this menu almost in any casual restaurant.

 ● Taman / Emperor Breams(Lethrinus)
 This is very high class fish with fat meat.
 The weight can be as heavy as 5-7 kgs and normally served as Sashimi (in raw) or soups.

 ● Mibai / Grouper
  There are many kinds of Mibai that belong to Grouper and Akajin Mibai is a very colorful fish.
  The fish called Yaito Hata is high class fish and some are cultivated in Okinawa.

 ● Mozuku / Seaweed
  Okinawa Mozuku contains good Antioxidant and Fucoidan which strengthen your immunity.

 〔Local Meat〕
 The Pigs, Chickens and Cows are slowly grown under the nice and warm climate.

 ● Ishigaki Beef
  This is a black cow gently grown in the most southern area of Japan.
  The fat and lean meat are very well balanced and is also high branded beef.

 ● Agu Pork
  Agu is a traditional Ryukyu Pig which was once endangered, however,
 recently succeeded in breeding by conservation parties.
  The lean meat has good plain taste and very popular meat.

 ● Ino Buta (Mix of wild boar and pig)
  This is one of the staples of Kunigami village region, and lean meat tastes like beef.

● Ji-Dori (Chicken grown in free range)
 Yakitori - Grilled chicken stand, and Roast chicken are very popular in Okinawa.
 Especially, Yambaru (north area of Okinawa)  and Kume Island are famous
for breeding very good chicken.

〔Local Vegetables〕
 These vegetables are products blessed by good nature of Sunshine and rain in the tropical island.

 ● Shima Ninjin (carrots)
 The taste is sweet and rich and this can not be missed in healthy food of Okinawa.
 Winter is the best season and Tsuken Jima is famous for growing this carrots. 

● Shima Rakkyo
This is quite hot and has very strong flavor like garlic.
Rakkyo has an ingredient that help to burn the fat in the body.

 ● Fuchibah Leaves (mugwort)
 Nishi Yomogi is not so eaten in mainland of Japan, but popular leaves in Okinawa.
 This contains high nourishment and very familiar green leaves in Okinawa.

 ● Nigana
 This is known as a medical herb and good for digestive organs and prevent from catching a cold.
The taste is a little bitter.

[ Others ]
The following supportive ingredients are not to be forgotten!
Each of the followings perform very well on a dish.

 ● Korei Gusu
 This is the original name of local red pepper, however,
now means a flavoring made from
 local wine - Awamori dipped in local red peppers and vinegar.

 ● Shima Tofu (bean curd)
This is a thick and heavy Tofu and rich taste of soy beans.
 The flavor and texture is quite different from the one eaten in mainland of Japan.

● Karagi
This is a kind of Cinnamon and called Okinawa Nikkei, and also produced for tea.
Karagi tea made in Kunigami region is well known.

● Seekuwasa (citrus)
This is a kind of citrus and you can find wild Seekuwasa on a hilly place in Okinawa.
This is said to be the best citrus that contains Antioxidant ingredients most.

 How do you think?
 Please enjoy the interesting and unique local ingredients of Okinawa!
 For more tour details, please see below!


Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)