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Enjoy Seafood at Ikema Diner, Ikema Island

post : 2014.12.26 22:00

As you drive to the North from Miyako Airport and cross over the Ikema Bridge,
 you will reach to Ikema Island.
When you turn left at the first traffic signal, you will find Ikema Fishing Port.

On the opposite side of Fisherman's Association, there is a Diner called
 『Ikema Shokudo(Diner』, where you can enjoy very fresh fish caught in Ikema Island.
There used to be another Diner, but it was renewed and opened in August,
2014 and now run by Ikema Fisherman's Association,
 so you can eat very fresh fish just caught by the local fishermen.

The Diner is well air conditioned and there are some tables also
in a wide garden where you can have meals even in wet style after marine leisure.

Because the Diner is run by Fisherman's Association,
they can offer very fresh fish and they also have good knowledge to keep the fish fresh.

Normally, the caught fish are cut to open and drain the blood,
 but here, in addition to this, fish nerves are gripped to keep
 its freshness for longer time.

The Chef Mr. Yoshida cooks with fresh ingredients.
He used to own a small restaurant by himself and skillful.
The menus are priced very reasonably. 

The best recommendable Set Menu is 『Ikema』
The set menu offers boiled and seasoned fish, Sashimi(raw fish),
deep fried white meat fish, 4 small appetizers, salad,
 Miso soup and rice(free for another bowl) at 1500yen.

The another Set Menu named 『Yabiji』 offers more expensive fish such as Akajin (grouper),
 Amakusa(Gymnocranius Grandoculis) at 2,000yen and also recommendable.

The fish are caught in Miyako Island and other ingredients like vegetables
are all Miyako Island made.
Please enjoy the Seafood of Ikema Island in full in the Diner.

 『Ikema Diner』
Address / Yabiji Center 1F, 90-12, Aza Ikema, Miyakojima-city
TEL/ 0980-75-2505
Open/ 11:30〜15:00(L.O.14:30)
Close/ Monday

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)