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Coffee That Helps Reproduce Coral Reefs in Okinawa

post : 2014.12.27 19:00

Speaking of seas in Okinawa, beautiful coral reefs and colorful tropical fishes will come up on your mind, right?
In recent years, however, corals have been dramatically decreasing in number, and remain only one tenth of the number of the corals lived 10 years ago.

“We hope that a cup of coffee you drink every day will trigger to improve coral reefs’ condition and global environment.”
That wish brought the birth of “35 (Three Five) COFFEE.”

The 35 COFFEE uses fossils of corals to roast carefully-selected coffee beans imported from all over the world.  In fact it is prohibited to harvest corals according to the Okinawa Prefecture Fisheries Regulations.
The fisheries regulation is applicable to even fossils of corals, so only companies which accepted orders from the prefecture can collect and destroy them.

The 35 COFFEE acquired a permit from Okinawa Prefecture to use weathered corals for roasting process and purchase them from authorized companies.

The roasting using weathered corals is similar to a stone roasting method.
Roasting green coffee beans with fossils of coral heated at as high as 200 ℃ or higher for long creates a mild-flavored coffee.

There are many official shops and affiliated stores of the 35 COFFEE, where you can savor coffee roasted with weathered corals.

Among all the shops, the one with a perfect access is at Don Quihote on Kokusai-dori Street.
When I visited there, I found it very suitable for taking a rest during sightseeing in a sedate space coordinated only with white and black.

And the taste of the coffee is fantastic.  It is mild and smooth, and has a perfect balance of acid and bitterness.  You might want to have your coffee black.
You can take it out, so it would be nice to enjoy walking along the Kokusai Street with the coffee in your hand.

(Left: Green Tea Grown in Okinawa, Middle: 35 Coffee, Right: Chinsuko (Okinawan cookie) )

You can enjoy not only coffee but also sweets in the shop.  An ice cream using coffee beans is recommended for sweets lovers.  You can relish the adult pronounced flavor of bitter coffee.  It will cool down your body tired from a lot of walking in sightseeing.

Other than the coffee flavor are ice cream using green tea cultivated in Okinawa and ice cream flavored of Chinsuko (traditional Okinawan cookie)!?

Transplanting Baby Corals (Photos Provided by 35 COFFEE)

You might be wondering why “A cup of your coffee can trigger to improve coral reefs’ condition and global environment.”
Actually, the 35 COFFEE uses 3.5% of the profits received from the sales of the coffee for “Coral Reproduction Project.”

This project started in 2009, when the 35 COFFEE was born.  The project allows participants to transplant baby corals in a suitable location at a proper time.  The number of baby corals transplanted already exceeds 2,000, about 80% of which still grow healthily and give new life to coral reefs in the Okinawan seas.   

18 Months After Transplantation (Photos Provided by 35 COFFEE)

“May our children find beautiful coral reefs remain healthy when they grow up.”
A cup of coffee you casually enjoy might help to realize this wish!

35 COFFEE Don Quijote, Kokusai Shopping Store

Address: 2-8-19 2F, Matsuo, Naha City
TEL: 098-840-7885
OPEN:10:00 to 20:00
Open 365 Days A Year
Official Website:

For information on other branch shops, please check the official website.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akari Matsumura