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Relaxing Time at Taketomi Island / Island Tour by Water Buffalo Cart and Stay at “Hoshinoya Taketomijima”

post : 2015.01.01 19:00

Taketomi Island is within only a 10-minute ferry ride from the Ishigaki Ferry Terminal to Remote Islands. 

On Taketomi Island, you can find red tile-roofed houses, coral stone walls, and streets with pure white sand, which everybody imagine about the landscape of Okinawa.

As you take a leisurely walk with the marvelous scenery around, you will meet a water buffalo cart.

Visitors can go around the community slowly, rocking in this water buffalo cart.

Seeing and feeling the island landscape a little bit higher than usual, you will listen to an ojii (an Okinawan word meaning “an elderly man”) telling about Takatomi Island as the cart moves on.

The ojii plays sanshin (a three-stringed Okinawan instrument), which sounds really comfortable to you.

Taketomi Island is very quiet after the final ferry leave for Ishigaki in the evening.
Only those who stay over on the island can savor the peacefulness.
“Hoshinoya Taketomijima,” which opened the year before last, offers a fabulous stay that makes you feel as if you lived on this island.

In a spacious ground of about 20,000 tsubo (about 6.6 hectars) scattered are totally 48 guestrooms whose design is borrowed from traditional architecture of Taketomi.

As you stroll around the premise, you can see a talismanic stone tablet called ishiganto* built in coral stone wall and shisa* stands on a rooftop.  The area is a community itself!

* ishiganto: Simple stone tablet engraved with three Chinese characters which serve notice to evil spirits to stay away.
* shisa: Guadian lion dog which are used as talisman against evil spirits

Every guestroom is one house with a garden.
A Ryukyu-style open-plan, airy, red tile-roofed house facing south provides you a genuinely laid-back space that makes you feel as if you lived here for long.

“Ryukyu Nouvelle,” which is cooked by one of the top-level French cuisine chefs in Japan, is served on a beautiful blue plate like the color of waters of Taketomi.
The chef uses plenty of ingredients unique to the island including herbs grown on the ground.

You can savor cocktails using a lot of local fruits and herbs at “Shima Meguri BAR.”

You can use a 46m long swimming pool situated at the center of the premise any time you like, 24 hours.

If you look at the sky in a relaxed fashion with a drink in your hand here, you will quickly forget about time passing by.

At the Spa, you can enjoy their original treatment using natural ingredients from Yaeyama such as getto (shell ginger) and mozuku (a type of stringy seaweed).

In addition, there are a variety of activities which only this place can provide such as Handmade Crafts Experience, Taketomi Minsa Weaving Experience, “Yonna Deep Breathing,” in which you can warm up with stretching exercises at the nearby Aiyaru Beach, nd Water Buffalo Cart Morning Tour.

Satisfied by the great hospitality provided by the staff, you might want to come back here.

Surrounded by colorful natures in the daytime, and veiled by a starry sky at night, please feel the “island time” on Taketomi Island!

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* Tour by Water Buffalo Cart Ride
Nitta Kanko        TEL: 0980-85-2103
Taketomi Port Pick-up & Sending Service is available.

* Hoshinoya Taketomijima
TEL: 050-3786-0066 (for reservation)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Masumi Sasamoto