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Opens Today. Market and Music: Winter Kitone Market

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3 times a year Mitsu (Mitsu Print) and Daiki (Yoshimi Daiki Group Laboratory) sponsor a craft fair called Kitone Market. Kitone Market will be held at the Onna Friendship Experience Learning Center. This Kitone Market will have 90 shops which includes works for artist from within Okinawa, food shops and musical performances. You could spend your whole day there and not get tired.     

Mitsu, who moved to Okinawa and has 2 children, was talking to 3 mothers who talked about wanting to create a place where consumers and merchants could exchange energy and that was the start of Kitone Market. To let people who normally only shop in supermarket have the fun of shopping on the street and letting consumer and merchant directly converse so that customers give their reaction directly. Mitsu spoke of the fun of getting to gossip but the true pleasure of a craft fair.

There variety of handmade goods, like original t-shirts, glass beads and accessories made using natural stones. There are even items from artist we introduced before like bingata goods from Nijigame Shoten and earthenware from Futagodo. All of them are filled with warmth! Part of the fun of Kitone Market is you can meet artist who haven’t made a shop yet.

You can enjoy many different types of music in your down time, like the hula group U'i Ohana, the traditional Japanese dancer and singer of epic Japanese songs with shamisen accompaniment Iori Yoshimura, Yoshiki Nagayama from the punk band TURTLE ISLAND, DJ Tsuru who plays Showa era ballads while wearing a bewitching kimono.

If you get a bit tired of shopping, there are many eateries and shops from within Okinawa so you relax and eat at pesticide-free fruit shops and bread made with natural yeast.

It opens today just before Christmas, so how about searching for a one-of-a-kind handmade present?

Market and Music Winter Kitone Market -Old Year, Crazy Year-

Date: Monday, 23 December 2013 (Holiday), 12:00pm-8:00pm
Venue: Onna Friendship Experience Learning Center
Sponsor: Aoi Mori
Co-sponsor: NPO Furuai Net Onna
Entry: Free Rain or Shine

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