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Shop at Okinawa Clip. 100% Paper Necklaces, Paper Jewelry

post : 2015.01.03 16:00

On Okinawa Clip we talk about the charms of Okinawa. And now we would like to introduce products that you will want to buy immediately and bring you closer to Okinawa.

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In our first wave of products we have a necklace made out of 100% paper.
Even though it is paper leather is knead into it so it rip due to water and sweat.
The designer, Chihiro Furuken, had allergies and wanted to make a fashionable item that anyone could wear, and this it the result.   

 It has beautifully cut designs and l make the neckline look beautiful.
It is so light that you may forget you are wearing it which is another good point

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It is not only for wearing when you dress up such as at weddings and parties, it could also be a beautiful wall decoration.
Check it out.

Details on the products and shopping here