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The 10th Uruma City Industry Festival

post : 2015.01.05 19:00

The 10th Uruma City Industry Festival was held For two days, Saturday, December 20 and Sunday, December 21, 2014 around Uruma City Ofiice, Ishikawa Branch.
This event offered you enjoyable shopping and satisfying food at stalls of specialty products from Uruma City as well as stalls of restaurants in Uruma City.

Various programs were held to complement the event one after another, but among which the most popular program exceeded its maximum capacity during the opening hours! 

That is “Succulent Group Planting Experience.”
The moment the staff started registration, the program reached its maximum capacity of 30 people. 

“I made this with my father!”  A girl showing me a welcome board with group planting said and smiled.  “I am looking forward to see how my mother will be surprised when we take it home.”

In addition, there were loads of food restaurants selling a variety of specialty products of Uruma City and delicious food in the open-air venue.
I enjoyed mozuku (seaweed) tempura, a cake using carrots from Tsuken Island, a goat soup, etc.♪
Among all the food I tried, the hotness of a talked-about super pungent seasoning “Shimanero (HABU HOT PEPPER)” surprised a person who loves spicy food like me! 

Another program which was popular all day long was “New Year Decoration Making Experience” using igusa (rush grass) from Teruma, Uruma City!
I also tried it after waiting in a long line.
Under the guidance of members from Igusa Production Union, I could make it somehow, but it was difficult!
The staff members helped me a lot because I am clumsy.
A completed New Year ornament gave out a good smell of biigu (an Okinawan word meaning Okinawan rush grass)!

In the indoor venue, cosmetic products like soaps made in Uruma City, delicious sweets made by housewives from the Women’s Society, etc. are displayed. 

And on top of that, in the outside stage, the local hero “Urumaa” danced “Urumaa Dance,” and churasan (beautiful) ladies performed folk ballad. 

In addition to “Uruma City Industry Festival,” “Yamaimo Suubu (all-Okinawa Japanese water yam competition)” was held at the same place.  The audience was pumped up for farmers’ competition for the total weight of water yams grown from one bulbil.
In the adjacent venue, tons of water yam which farmers boast are lined up!  
Surprisingly, the winning water yam is 280kg!
All the audience was just surprised by the huge size and heavy amount.

Unfortunately it was rainy on the 20th, but the event enjoyed the fine weather on the 21st, and the venues were crowded with many visitors.
“Uruma City Industry Festival,” which is full of charms of Uruma, from delightful food to industrial craft products.  
The festival is held every year, so please go and enjoy it next time!

The 10th Uruma City Industry Festival

Date: Saturday, December 20 and Sunday, December 21, 2014
Venue: Around Uruma City Ofiice, Ishikawa Branch and Ishikawa Gymnasium
Inquiries: 098-964-3104 (Uruma City Industry Festival Executive Committee)
Host: Uruma City Industry Festival Executive Committee

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akari Matsumura