Okinawa Tourism Information:RefreshYourMindandBodywithWarmOceanWater!“KariyushiKannaThalassoLaguna”

Refresh Your Mind and Body with Warm Ocean Water! “Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna”

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post : 2015.01.12 19:00

It is winter now.  Even in Okinawa, which has a warm climate, the lowest temperature is 10℃, and everybody misses the summer ocean.

This winter is especially cold nationwide, and we want to soak our bodies in onsen (hot springs) or hot bath tubs; however, unfortunately Okinawa has few onsen and a small number of big common tubs.  

But please don’t worry!  In Ginoza Village, there is a facility where they use warm ocean water and you can experience “Thalasso Therapy”, which is rare in the country.  That is “Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna.”

The facility is situated on the eastern coast of North Okinawa, with natural “Kanna Beach” perfectly located in front of it!
In the on-season, the beach is crowded with many swimming visitors. 

The facility boasts a number of warm water facilities which give you a perfect open feeling, and where fresh ocean water is heated at an average of 37℃.  
They have 14 kinds of swimming pools, Jacuzzi, saunas, etc, which they utilize the buoyancy of ocean water and physical action of water such as a jet-spray jacuzzi, herb bath, silky bath, infrared sauna, mist sauna, etc, in order to promote your relaxation in various ways.

By the way, “Thalasso Therapy” is a combination term of “thalassa”, meaning “sea or ocean” in Greek, and “therapie”, which is therapy in French, so “Thalasso Therapy” means “ the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy”, which was developed in France.
In France, it is a generally recognized natural therapy so that a total of 2.5 million people enjoy using it.

Ocean is called the “Cradle of life”.
It is because a component of the sea water is very similar to that of water in the womb.  In addition, since the sea water is heated up to 37°C, Thalasso Therapy is often described as “the feeling of returning to the mother's womb.”  With a natural comfortableness, you will be refreshed from inside and outside of the body.

They set up a reasonable price for courses which costs you some tens of thousands yen at a thalasso therapy facility in mainland Japan.
Among the all courses, the remarkable one is “seawater chiropractic,” which can be found only here in Japan.

First, you consult with a therapist, and choose a favorite pool to perform chiropractic according to your physical condition and mood.  If the weather is fine, I would highly recommend an outdoor rock bath! 

You start with stretching legs and shoulders and warm up the muscles in four limbs.

Gradually put pressures on the body to knead the muscles in the whole body.  Even with the painful posture if it is done on the ground, the muscle would stretch out naturally because there is no stress and pressure for the body when doing in the sea water.  After the chiropractic, you might feel your body lighter.  Maybe it is because mineral of ocean water.  

There are three courses: 20 minutes for 4,320 yen, 40 minutes for 6,480 yen and 60 minutes for 9,720 yen.
In each of the courses, you can have a blissful moment with man to man service.   

Other than that, there are various menu items such as recovering from fatigue, keeping fit and more are available.  Also on the third floor, there are an excellent esthetic salon and an aqua therapy specific to relaxation called “WATSU”!

Of course, even if you do not take any course of seawater chiropractic, you can casually enjoy in warm water swimming pool.  A water slider on which you might make a serious try is very popular especially among children!

On weekends, there is free shuttle bus service available (It takes more than one hour from Naha to get there.), so you can reach there easily.  (Reservation is required.)

With warm ocean water, your body and mind will be refreshed and reborn flexibly.
Thalasso Therapy is an unknown ultimate relaxation in Okinawa, which shows its true value in this season of the year.

Kariyushi Kanna Thalasso Laguna

Address: 1817, Kanna, Ginoza Village
TEL: 098-968-2323

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)