Okinawa Tourism Information:NiceView+HandMadeEarthenWare+HomeMadePizza「CafeGalleryDokaDoka」!

Nice View+Hand Made Earthen Ware+Home Made Pizza 「Cafe Gallery Doka Doka」!

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Nice view of the West Coast of Middle Part of Okinawa Island,
Ryukyu style Earthen Ware by professional potter and Home Made Pizza...
The Earthen Ware professional Mr. Akira Tamada owns both a kiln named Seifu Gama and Café
 Gallery Doka Doka.
The Cafe is a very special space where you can enjoy a nice view,
earthen ware and also pizza altogether.Nice view of the West Coast of Middle Part of Okinawa Island,

50m above the sea level in Maegane, Onna village,
you will find a beautiful location with Blue and Green and it is indescribable.
You can get a nice panoramic view of the most representative Beach in Okinawa on the coast line,
 Renaissance Beach on your left (South) and Moon Beach on your right (North). 
You will feel very relaxed surrounded by green trees such as pine forest.
The sunset on the East China Sea is of course beautiful.
The view changes minute by minute and you will never be tired from watching. 

The Earthen Wares made by Mr. Tamada is exhibited and sold
in an open air and high ceiling shop.

The Ryukyu style earthen ware are used in the Shuri Castle Banquet in the occasion
of Okinawa Summit in 2000.
This style is based on the traditional method and added some arrangements by artists.
When you see his works such as dish, bowl, mug cup and chopstick rest,
you will understand the nature of Okinawa and they are really heartful works.

The Home Made Pizza is prepared by order and
the best recommendation is "Home Made Doka Doka Pizza"
(1,450yen incl. Tax).
The size is 25cm in diameter and topped with Parmesan cheese on a thick dough
and gently baked in the oven.
You will surely enjoy the flavor and be satisfied with the volume as well.
The onion, red and green peppers,
raw salami and crispy Portuguese sausage are also topped on the dough and basil
 leaves also give good taste to them. You can enjoy different taste by piece.


There are also set menu such as Keema Curry (with drink 1400yen incl. tax)
 which are stewed for 2 days.
For dessert, Home Made Pudding set (870yen incl. tax)
 is very popular but there are only 9 sets a day.
For drinks, the organic coffee (540yen incl. tax),
black tea made in Nago area (580yen incl. Tax) and Red Shiso(labiate)juice (only in summer)
 are also available. Each ingredients are carefully selected by the owner and recommendable.

Nice view, nice earthen ware and Pizza, the owner's wife Taeko wished to have such
a place and opened this cafe in 2009.
"Earthen ware is a flower(Ka) of the earth(Do) (Doka).
Earthen ware is called Doki in Japanese.
She named the Cafe on her wish to invite many customers and the interior of the Café
 shows her intention.
 「We just enjoy ourselves!」 a very friendly couple said.
 Their friendly hospitality is really the enchantment of the Cafe.

There is also a workshop you can experience to make an earthen ware
(40 min. 1600yen up incl. Tax) on 1F (reservation required).
There are various menus based on your interests and skills such as making Seasa,
painting on potter and handling of potter's wheel, etc.

This is a lovely Cafe & Gallery when you happen to remember,
you want to visit.

Cafe Gallery Doka Doka
Address/ 243-1 Maeganeku, Onna Village
Tel/ 098-965-1666
Open / 11:00~18:00(L.O.)
Close/ Sunday (Gallery is open)
Parking available

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)