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Simple but Characteristic! Clothes of FABRIC Fit In The Climate of Okinawa.

post : 2015.01.13 19:00

When I wear clothes of FABRIC, which is a boutique located in Sunabe, Chatan Town, whether young or old, everybody says to me, “You’re wearing a fancy outfit.”

Simple, but characteristic original clothing are carefully designed so that your body line look beautiful whatever your body shape may be.
Soft cloth swing in the wind makes a woman’s move look gracefully.
Many clothes here have loose lines so that they don’t squeeze your body tight unnecessarily.  So they are comfortable to wear and I wear them in heavy rotation as fashionable clothes.

As main materials are linen and organic cotton, the clothes are water-shedding and absorbent as well as they breathe well.  They perfectly fit in a humid climate of Okinawa.

You might wonder if the designs of clothes of such a material are too natural; however, the stylish designs of clothes from FABRIC look great in downtown!

Mr. Hattori, who is a designer and owner of FABRIC, studied clothing at a career college in Tokyo and got employed as a pattern maker.  Later he got involved even in planning as well at an apparel company in Okinawa. 

When he turned 30 years old and wanted to have his own shop, luckily he found available properties for lease, which became his present shop.
“I had come to Sunabe often for snorkeling.  This place used to be a flower shop, and I was always fascinated by the spiral staircase.”

Mr. Hattori makes every piece of original clothes by hand in the workshop above the shop. 

“Nowadays so many clothes are around you, but some people don’t think that they need many clothes. I would like to make clothes as much as possible and would like my customers to wear my products as long as they can.”

In addition to original clothes, there are some select brand-name ones available, whose materials are also mainly environmentally-friendly ones such as hemp, linen, organic cotton, etc.  With a natural material that touches your skin, it makes a big difference in how reassuring and comfortable you feel.  

And on top of that, you can bring in your favorite cloth and get any design you like hand-made beautifully.  He offers a custom-made service such as turning a long-sleeved one to a short-sleeved one, etc. 

Precisely because ‘Fast fashion’ garments are the mainstream fashion trend now, it is really luxurious that you can wear fancy, comfortable, environmentally-friendly clothes as long as possible.  Every time I slip into clothes of FABRIC, I feel that way.   


Address: 7-10, Aza Minato, Chatan
TEL & FAX: 098-926-5474
Closed on Thursdays

Okinawa Photo Writer  Sandy