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Okinawa CLIP Movie Motobu Craft Fair

post : 2015.01.10 19:00

Crafts artists of various kinds gather at Motobu Town Public Market once a month to hold the Motobu Craft Fair.

The ‘machiguwa’ (an Okinawan word meaning market), which still retains some remnants of Showa period (1926–89), creates a great atmosphere for the fair.
They sell a variety of products from food products such as Okinawan-grown vegetables, obento (lunch box), sweets and snacks, to handmade and artisan goods such as traditional handicrafts including potteries, accessories, etc.

In addition to the sales, a live show is also held irregularly.
When I visited the fair, an artist and Motobu Town resident, Mr. Yohei Miyake, perfomed live.

Date: the third Sunday of every month (as of December, 2014)
Venue: Toguchi, Motobu Town, Kunigami County

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Music : hacomako

Yohei Miyake

Okinawa CLIP Movie Writer Ouji Ogawa