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Authentic Ryukyu Mexican cuisine restaurant “BORRACHOS” Just Near Kokusai-dori Street

post : 2015.01.16 19:00

A really sunny people in Mexico and a naturally cheerful people in Okinawa might have a good chemistry.  

“BORRACHOS” located on the Paradise-dori Street in Naha City is an authentic Ryukyu Mexican cuisine restaurant, which is full of lightness of Mexico.

They play lively salsa music, and happy Mexican skull ornaments welcome you everywhere in the restaurant.

Just looking at the colorful decoration brings you a buoyant mood even before drinking tequila.

There are attractive, characteristic menu items of a collaboration of Ryukyuan ingredients and Mexican such as “Mexican Soba,” a combination of a spicy Mexican soup and Okinawa soba noodle, a pizza using seasonal Okinawan vegetables, salsa sauce using island shallots and Mexican cacti, etc. 

A very popular, original jambalaya will be served on a hot sizzling iron plate.

Different from common Okinawan Taco Rice, BORRACHOS Taco Rice will be also served on a cast-iron hot plate.  As the cheese is melted, it looks like a risotto.

After the owner, Ushio-san, had trained himself at a Mexican food restaurant in Tokyo for 10 years, he opened the shop “BORRACHOS” in Okinawa.
He started to learn about Mexico because of his interest in food, but became absolutely fascinated with the culture as well.  Now, he visits Mexico every year to study the food as well as buys decoration goods and spices for his shop.

There are more than 50 kinds of tequila, some of which he buys directly from Mexico, and some of which you can drink only here in Okinawa.
The shop has a variety of other kinds of alcohols including awamori (Okinawan liquor), but the best recommended one here is Frozen Margarita!
It melts in your mouth, and the sweetness for adults can be enjoyed as a dessert.

It is open until 5AM, so it would be a lot of fun to go there just to drink while chatting with colorful, sunshiny staff like Mexican!

As a special menu item only in December and January, they sell a tomato-based Mexican hot pot dish using seafood and smoked red chili peppers. (Reservation is required for an order for 4 persons or more.)

As it is time for shinnenkai (New Year’s Party), let’s go to the BORRACHOS with your coworkers or friends to warm up your body and mind with spice and tequila!


Address: Taihei BLDG 1F 1-3-31 Makishi, Naha City
TEL: 098-943-4488
Opening Hours: 5 PM to 5 AM
Opens 365 Days A Year

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