Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyDeliciousTacosandShoppingofEarthenWareinCafe

Enjoy Delicious Tacos and Shopping of Earthen Ware in Cafe

post : 2015.01.10 22:00

When you open the door, it looks like just an Earthen Ware shop with a nice taste,
 but as you walk into the shop, you will find a lovely Cafe space.
You can enjoy having lunch or having tea break as well as shopping of Earthen Ware.
「LOTTA」is a Cafe that offers you two pleasures. 

The Exhibited Earthen Wares are made by young artists related to Yomitan village.
The Earthen Wares are carefully selected in order for travellers who visit Okinawa
for the first time could feel the nature of Okinawa through them.

When I first looked around the shop, these mug cups caught my eyes.
They are made by Studio Jikkaku that is well known not only in Okinawa
but also mainland of Japan.
The mug cups shown in the picture are rather thick
form and you would feel like holding the cup in your hands.
The dot pattern is their regular design and the cactus pattern is their new design.
These Earthen Wares are  normally sold out shortly after displayed
 and next exhibition is scheduled on December in LOTTA.

The picture shows dishes made by Ms. Kimie Asato in collaboration with LOTTA.
The dishes are for Mother and a child with lovely painting.
They are displayed in pairs(big and small) but you can purchase one by one.
These lovely dishes will surely make kids happy with big smiles.

This is a dish made by Ms. Kobayashi which would  make your table very cheerful
and also make you happy only by looking at.


These glasses are made by Mr. Kazuya Nakamura and
the unclear glass is the charm of his works.
These are made by the same method of Ryukyu Glass
and somehow bring back the old days. 

Each of these works would enrich your daily meals and
you would look forward to having meals and changes your life scenes for better.

In addition, there are variety of items such as Wooden Stool for kids,
Applique, Organic Hemp hat and so on.
Normally 15 to 20 artists exhibit their works
in a limited but exciting space in the shop.

The Cafe is in the back of the shop and the interior is in the image of Mexican House.
The bench is hand made by method of so called straw veil architecture
and the bunch of straws are plastered.
 The room is good for many people to have a party.

The Cafe offers Mexican food such as tacos and Enchiladas.

Food ingredients are carefully selected. The Cafe is affiliated to
「Member Shops with Okinawa Ingredients」and
「Member Shop of Yanbaru(North area of Okinawa)
Farmers(called Harusah in Okinawa) Project Supporter」.
No agrichemicals or organic local vegetables are much used for each menu.

The best recommendation is Tacos.  Although hard shell Tacos is popular in Okinawa,
here you can eat the original Mexican soft shell Tacos. With just one bite,
 you can enjoy a nice flavor of roasted corns.

The taste of home made Taco shell is guaranteed as the owner had been working
 for a Mexican restaurant for long time. 

The dish is changed daily and the picture shows Spicy Tacos
 with chicken grown in Yanbaru (North of Okinawa).
This goes very well with their original Salsa sauce with fresh tomato.


For dessert, Ube (purple sweet potato) vegetable pudding is recommendable.
Without using eggs and milk, this pudding is made from soy milk
and has a nice and smooth texture.
It looks lovely with flower shaped Ube on top of the pudding.

The Organic Iced Coffee is also recommendable as
it's brewed from Fair Trade Coffee beans and tasty.

The meals and desserts are served on dishes of the artists
 and look even more delicious.
You can really see how the meals look like on the exhibited dishes
and it would also be easy for you to imagine how they might look on your own table.
 LOTTA is the only Cafe you can enjoy like this. 


The Owner couple wishes to convey the atmosphere and taste of Okinawa to many people
in cooperation with Artists and Farmers.

How about enjoying selecting a souvenir or just to have a coffee break, or why not both ?
When you open the door of LOTTA, please enjoy relaxing yourself the way you like.

Address/ 272-6 Toya, Yomitan village

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer Ms. Ono