Okinawa Tourism Information:EnjoyFreshVegetableandRichOrganicWinein「UkishimaGarden」

Enjoy Fresh Vegetable and Rich Organic Wine in 「Ukishima Garden」

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「Ukishima Dori(street)」is a back street of Kokusai Dori.
 Although the street has a retro-feeling  atmosphere,
 there are some fashionable shops such as Used clothes shop,
 Hairdresser and Cafe Bar.
The building of 「Ukishima Garden」is renovated to modern style
 from the old traditional house of 55 years old.
This is a Cafe & Restaurant with Natural taste located in the middle
of Ukishima Dori and offers various dishes with fresh local vegetables and Organic Wines.

Their wide selection of Organic Wines are especially notable.
The ingredients of grapes have full of nutrition and minerals from each soil
of the origin and also been grown without fertilizer or agricultural chemicals
and have a very rich flavor and smooth taste.
Containing no additives.
The more and more people select these Organic Wines because of less hang over
the following day and also healthy. 
French wines, Chili wines and many other brand wines are stocked.
The price is from 600yen for a glass and up. Once you try and experience
the mild and smooth taste, you will surely understand
the difference from the ones you buy in markets.
Not a few customers enjoy just a glass of wine even in a lunch time.

Of course, the dishes are used as many organic ingredients as possible. 
The fresh vegetables and grains without agriculture chemicals are supplied
 by farmers (called Harusah in Okinawa) who work hard on growing vegetables naturally
in the organic field and these ingredients are cooked  on Macrobiotic idea.
No need to mention for meat and fish, no white sugar or milk products are used.
The word Macrobiotic might give a stoic image to people, but you do not have to worry.
「Ukishima Garden」offers various style of dishes such as Italian, French, Asian so
that many people can enjoy their casual and original dishes.
You can enjoy a variety of menu for Lunch time and Dinner time respectively.
The followings are some introduction of popular menu.

Lunch menu「Vege-Taco Rice with Shima (island) Tofu(soy bean curd)」
(830yen has season's vegetables with Home Made Salsa sauce topped
with Home Made Tacos meat made of Shima Tofu and grains. You can really enjoy
the taste of the ingredients.「Isn't this meat?」 You would be surprised by the texture and taste!

「Bagna Cauda with non-agrichemical vegetables」(1,000yen incl. Tax) is a very colorful dish.
The local vegetables such as Goya (bitter melon), Handama(green leaves),
 local carrots taste very good  with Tofu based thick and rich hot garlic sauce.
This is served only for Lunch time.

「Assorted Today's Vegetable」is also a popular menu only for Dinner time.
「kariyushi Plate」(1,400yen incl. Tax serves for 2 persons)
 has 5 dishes in one plate including a meat loaf made of Tofu,
 cheese made of Shima(island) Tofu , pickled season's vegetables.
Each dish go very well with Organic wines.

There are 35 seats on 1F and 1F is surrounded by glass walls.
It is a very open and relaxing atmosphere with natural Sunlight flooded in daytime.
In the back of the restaurant, there is a small garden with a plenty of green trees.
There are old style room and semi-private rooms on 2F.  
The capacity of 22 seats enables to have small meetings.

The gentle and healthy food & drinks in a traditional old house...
The wind of new Okinawa food culture has just started to blow from Ukishima Dori.

Ukishima Garden
Address/2-12-3, Matsuo, Naha city
Open/Lunch 11:00~15:30(L.O.) Dinner18:00〜22:00(L.O)
P/Not available

Okinawa CLIP Photo writer by Ken Ogawa (Qey Word)