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Blue, Shining Sea Is Just In Front Of You! Homemade Bread & Sweets “Manmaru Café”

post : 2015.01.19 19:00

 “Okinawa Manmaru Café” located in Nanjo City in the southern part of mainland Okinawa is a shop of bread using natural yeast and house-roasted coffee.
Being situated near the Seifa Utaki, a World Heritage Site, it stands on the hill looking over Azama Sun Sun Beach.

One of the best charms here is the beautiful view!
Once you enter the shop, a panoramic view of emerald blue sea will come into your sight.
Every time you visit here, you take a deep breath of admiration.

The popular product is “Manmaru Chinsuko,” which is also recommended for souvenir.
Actually this café was opened for people to enjoy homemade chinsuko and special coffee while viewing the beautiful sea.
The shop name “Manmaru Café” came from “Manmaru Chinsuko.”

They started making the Manmaru Chinsuko in 2003, and there are six different flavors: salt from Aguni Island, brown sugar, beniimo (purple-colored sweet potato), etc. sold at Family Mart in Okinawa.
They make each into a ball by hand.

You can enjoy a crispy texture of the outside surface but a soft texture of the inner surface.
This unique texture comes from a secret recipe of using Okinawan natural lard and no additives.  They bake the Manmaru Chinsuko round-shaped to create the unique, special texture.

Other than the Manmaru Chinsuko, you will find a variety of homemade bread.  There are six kinds of bread and ten kinds of bagels, which are available on a day-to-day rotating basis.
They bake bread with domestic wheat flour and natural yeast

The most popular menu item at the café is “Honey Toast Set,” which is a slice of very thickly-cut toasted bread with homemade ice cream on it.
It is a big volume of toast with a plenty of homemade pineapple jam and caramel sauce on it, which satisfies both your eyes and your appetite.
The moment it is served on your table, your eyes get glued to it!!!

If you would like to eat more, I would recommend “Azama Sun Sun Set,” which includes a hamburger and curry with topping of either non-additive bacon or cheese.  
If you order this menu item, you get an all-bread-you-can-eat service!  When eating bread, you can reheat with a toaster, put handmade jam as much as you like.  On top of that, rice comes along with the curry.  This is a big service menu item!

In addition, the café boasts their house-roasted coffee, which is roasted with the German coffee roaster PROBAT.
They don’t want to have a big collection of coffee beans but to serve coffee with enriching aroma of freshly-ground beans.  So they change coffee beans to serve on a short-term basis, and customers can enjoy different flavors every time they visit here.
They have some coffee fans who visit the café frequently.

“As we pursue a taste satisfying our palate in every dish, we naturally start selecting good ingredients and make everything by hand,” said the owner couple.

You might have noticed already, but they make everything by themselves: several kinds of bread, jam, hamburger, soup as well as sweets such as ice cream, chinsuko, etc.
This is the result from their passion of not giving up on their favorite taste.
They roast coffee beans by themselves for the same reason.

 “We have owned an agricultural farm in the northern part of mainland Okinawa since 2010, and would like to grow pineapples and tankan (Citrus tankan) for sweets in the near future.  We would also like to cultivate coffee beans, and eventually serve coffee to our customers with our beans.”

In 2015, they have a plan to open a café next to their farm.
They have more and more challenges and dreams ahead.
I am looking forward to see how their future will be!

Official Blog:

Okinawa Manmaru Café  Nanjo Shop

Address: 1106-1 Azama, Chinen, Nanjo City
TEL: 098‐948‐4050
Hours: 10:30 to 18:00
Open 365 Days a Year

*Bread, ice cream, manmaru chinsuko are also available at “Mutsumibashi-dori Shop” and “Matsugawa Shop.”

Mutsumibashi-dori Shop (30 second walk from Kokusai-dori Street)

Address: 3-1-1, Makishi, Naha City
TEL: 098‐867‐7708
Hours: 11:00 to 20:00

Matsugawa Shop

Address: 1-15-9 Matsugawa, Naha City
TEL: 098‐855‐2111
Hours: 11:00 to 17:00 

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Akiko Ono