Okinawa Tourism Information:Taketomiisland,whereyoucanseethewaterbuffalo.

Taketomi island, where you can see the water buffalo.

post : 2013.10.19 16:00

White sand paving the roads, flanked by red tiled roofs.
A small island surrounded by sea and green. That was this island's first impression.

Amid the traditional looking town, we found a very Okinawan post office with a red tiled roof.
The telltale sign is the traditional red postbox. On the roof, a cute Shisa is waiting with its mouth wide open.
If you send a postcard from this post office, they'll press a commemorative stamp and send it!
We recommended it  for sharing your trip with friends and family.

Walking around the island, we encountered a large water buffalo.
The islanders told us laughing: "There are more water buffalo than people in this island."

The image of them walking is really impressive!
But looking at them up close, they have very cute faces.
It is possible to board a water buffalo coach and see the island.
It may be very small, but the island has an unexplainable charm.

It was a scenery that portrayed the typical "Okinawa".

【Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Taiki Gushiken】