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Suggesting Ideas of “Clothing, Food, and Living” from Nakijin Village atelier cafe bar SEIHEI

post : 2015.01.21 19:00

If you ask me what sort of shop SEIHEI is, I might be a little confused about how to explain because the SEIHEI sells prepared food mainly using local vegetables, seasoning like syrup, butter, etc. just like a delicatessen section during a daytime as well as customers can enjoy the original dishes based on country meals in France at night.

A small shop has a variety of products by excellent professionals from inside and outside of Okinawa.
The one thing I can say is that each of the products is carefully selected after making a thoroughgoing effort.  

You must be surprised to find a café like a sophisticated restaurant in Europe all of sudden coming in to your sight in the vast nature of Nakijin Village.

Actually the SEIHEI not only provides the food but also runs a design office that provides directions for space and product designs. 

Ryosuke-san, a manager of SEIHEI, Powdy-san, an art director and designer, SHIGE-san, a producer and builder, all of the three work together to give suggestions for “Clothing, Food and Living.”

I became a fan of the SEIHEI when I found Cordial Syrup, which is made from berry extracts and herbs, at an event.  The design of the bottle is so cute that I bought it on impulse.  Then, I was surprised by the excellent taste of spice mixed with the acidity and sweetness.  I have completely become a repeated customer.

This syrup was created by Powdy-san over two years.
After the child birth, she became allergic to everything using chemical seasoning and medicines.  She wanted to make an original form of seasoning which is safe for herself ,and gives the depth to the taste even with a small amount, that helps for busy working mothers. 

“I need your illustration to impress everybody so that many people would drink this for improving their immunity!”
For the illustration of the bottle, she went as far as France to ask an artist painter to illustrate for the Cordial Syrup.
You can tell how much attention Powdy-san pays to developing one single product.   

In addition, Additive-free butter of passion fruits, tomatoes, fig butter, etc. are respectively mouth-filling and spicy.    
Ladies who love cooking would like to try some recipe such as pasting some on chicken before roasting in an oven,

They have no menu items for dinner time.  First they ask customers their budget, and prepare the arranged French country cuisine mainly using local ingredients on a day-by-day rotating basis.

Colors which bright-colored ingredients of the southern island create is just like an art.
I tried simmered pork cuisine called “pil pil,” and I was impressed by the soft, melting meat!

“When I tried to cook French dishes based on the original definition in France, I had to buy all the ingredients from France.  But I got extremely-tired of using lots of time and resources for the shipment.  I was wondering if it was not a luxury I had been looking for.  I was wondering what to do to make my dishes more natural.  Then I decided to use seasonal organic ingredients I can find here.”
And on top of that, Ryosuke-san choose the best alcohol that goes perfectly well with your dishes.  

In order to drink alcohol with an easy mind, they have an accommodation next to the restaurant, which is available only for one group per day.
When you are slightly drunk after savory cuisine and some alcohol, you will enjoy a very luxurious time of being relax in the open space outside while enjoying the beautiful starry sky that could be found only in the northern part of mainland Okinawa. 

The SEIHEI is a place not only for simply enjoying the cuisine, but also for enjoying the admirably created space, time and taste as well as “experiencing” the view of the world of the ever-evolving shop.   

Such a special shop will suddenly appear in front of you when you walk in the nature of Nakijin.  That is also one of charms of Okinawa.

atelier cafe bar SEIHEI

Address: 825 Nakaoji, Nakijin Villag
TEL: 098-056-5565
Closed on Thursdays
Opening Hours: Lunch service will be available soon. Please contact them before you go.
                             Dinner: 19:00 to 24:00
※Reservation is required.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Sandy